Mobilizon, the upcoming open federated alternative to Facebook Events, has reached its first crowdfunding goal of €20k:

This covers development of the events software itself.

The next goal, €35k, adds federation through ActivityPub, which will let people on the Fediverse share and join events. This could be crucial to helping many more people leave Facebook 👍

You can donate at the link above, and follow them on here at:


@switchingsocial @mobilizon Hmmm maybe I completely misunderstand but… isn't there an event feature in most calendar apps? (google calendar, iCal, Exchange, Outlook, etc). As far as I know, you can invite anyone by email even if they use a different service, no?

@narF @mobilizon

Facebook Events combines social networking with calendar functions. It's more like a way for people to meet others than just a pure calendar.

The idea of Mobilizon is to bring this social calendar function to the Fediverse.

@switchingsocial @mobilizon I'm all for it. I just thought it already existed.

@narF @mobilizon

A lot of people use Facebook for the Events feature, so if we're asking people to switch to the Fediverse it would be brilliant if there's an equivalent service on here.

@switchingsocial @mobilizon Very true. I've quit using Facebook but I still can't delete my account because of events and some other tiny things.

@switchingsocial @mobilizon Does Friendica (or one of the other alternate social network?) already have events?

@narF @mobilizon

It does, but AFAIK it doesn't federate with the rest of the Fediverse?

@switchingsocial @mobilizon Then why not just fix it so that it does instead of making yet another service? (I'm assuming Friendica is open source?)

I don't understand why open source projects always try to start their own separate thing instead of working together. It's particularly problematic for social tools because critical mass adoption is so important.

@Wewereseeds @switchingsocial niiiiiice. I like it. Fuck fb; we need a proper event system

@switchingsocial @mobilizon I'm confused. Friendica federates and already has event support. Why create another alternative?

@dgoldsmith @mobilizon

Friendica is mostly part of the Fediverse but as far as I know its events aren't?

Also, I get the impression Mobilizon will have much more advanced, easier-to-use features.

@switchingsocial @mobilizon Okay I did 2 minutes of research and it is indeed. Free software 💪

@ninmi @switchingsocial To be specific, it's not a fork of Pleroma, it just conveniently borrows a few modules for federation.
Pleroma plans to modularize such things for other apps to use. 🙂

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