In case you missed it, there's a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play.

It's called F-Droid and only includes free open apps that don't track you:

The installation process is slightly complicated, but once it's been installed it's extremely easy to use.

You can also follow F-Droid on here at:


@switchingsocial @fdroidorg The problem is that some open source apps are not in f-droid. For example, to install Signal, i had to use an unofficial alternative to google play called Yalp Store.

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The devs of Signal wanted it that way. They refuse to allow it be anywhere but completely under their control.

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg I don't understand why isn't Signal on fdroid :thaenkin: is it because fdroid recompiles the apps or something like that? I'm Curious

@switchingsocial @Lazercruizer @fdroidorg Nope. Signal works fine on my phone, and i have a de-googled custom ROM.

@Stem @switchingsocial @fdroidorg same is for me I use my phone completly FOSS not even MicroG everything works fine. I don't know why it really requires GSF in order to work

@switchingsocial @Lazercruizer @fdroidorg And some f-droid apps still have pieces of proprietary code, listed as «anti-feature».

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Well... if you want to be as open as possible, Signal probably isn't a good idea anyway as it's centralised.


That doesn't make Signal any less centralised.

I don't think it's useful to idolise famous individuals.

@switchingsocial @Stem True Indeed. And one can never be completely FOSS unless the hardware is. So we should know where to draw the line and should work ground up with what our threat model is.. cuz at the end we still need some peace of mind rather than being paranoid all the time :)

@Stem @switchingsocial @Lazercruizer Not really, no.

See the list of antifeatures here:

The policy very clearly is absolutely no proprietary code included in an apk distributed via the main repository.

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That doesn't mean the apk doesn't contain googles FCM libs which are proprietary software.

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @Stem Yeah I get, they have web socket support and thats the one that i use but, they still have that GSF blob in it.
I really hope it gets released on F-droid someday :pensive_party_blob:

@switchingsocial @Lazercruizer Fdroid compiles the apps and Signal doesn't want it , You don't need Google services to run it and you can download directly form Signal web @fdroidorg @Stem

@ghostdancer @switchingsocial @Lazercruizer @fdroidorg @Stem iirc, Moxi is against custom Signal builds ? (seems like I saw that in the issue tracker one point)

maybe it's just using the name or their servers, but...

ease of use for non-techs is A+ 🤷‍♀️

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg
Aurora Store <- Play Store
MicroG <- Google Play Services

I've been using f-droid since some years now. Great service. And as I use a few simple applications, I don't use the play store at all. Just like many people here I guess 😃

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