The Android app allows multiple accounts on multiple Fediverse services (incl. Mastodon, Friendica, PeerTube, Pleroma and GNU Social).

It's now charging for its Google Play version while keeping the F-Droid version free of charge, to encourage people off Google Play.

The Play version has a new address:

The F-Droid version remains at its current address:

You can follow Fedilab at:


Hmm, that's bad, because f-droid doesn't work for everyone well and a lot of users can't do tech support, nor can they pay for things.

I've seen a few examples of people here on the fediverse recently who this applies to and I think they should reverse their decision because f-droid does break or just not work sometimes whereas like it or not, Google Play just works.



It's still on Google Play, but the developer is charging a couple of dollars for it.

It is ok for developers to charge for their work.

Paying people for their work is a much more ethical model than trackers and ads.


I agree that they should be paid for their work, I'm not saying they shouldn't but it does seem like kind of a bad faith move to do it _purely_ to get off a platform that works for the majority of people so that they have to use one that doesn't, even I grew tired of f-droid's numerous problems in the end and I'm quite techy.


I think would be the best person to comment on that.


Fair enough, I hope you don't think I'm getting at you because I'm not :)

Unfortunately I can't contact him on that instance as it's blocked on mine, but I appreciate you responding :).

@UnclearFuture @switchingsocial Google Play doesn't work for everyone that refuses the injustice that is proprietary software. I don't think it's ethically permissible to contribute to the network effect of the Play Store, and making FOSS apps paying is a nice middle ground to that.

@Matter @switchingsocial

Sure, I get that, all I'm saying is making sure the distribution platform or method you use works for everyone or fix the problems before hand so that it does, because right now f-droid doesn't always.

If they don't, they should also offer apks as well, because sometimes those are easier and actually reliably work most of the time :)

@UnclearFuture @switchingsocial

Oh I agree F-Droid has its problems.

If you want APKs, you can get them from the f-droid website, no need for the app. Also on GitLab in the tags:

@UnclearFuture @Matter @switchingsocial You can also get an alternative client (frontend) for F-Droid, like M-Droid ( ), G-Droid ( ) or the soon-to-be-released A-Droid (from the developer or Aurora Store). Maybe some of them work better for you that the official one.

@UnclearFuture @Matter @switchingsocial I also think you can download APKs straight off F-Droid's website without having to install the actual F-Droid app.

@UnclearFuture @switchingsocial

Doesn't Google play charge a few bucks to developers to host/list their android apps?

Also, they advertise for apps on play store. That definitely takes money.

@UnclearFuture Google Play only works for people with a Google account, that isn't the majority of people


Sure, I get that, unfortunately, for those that do at least it consistently works. Account or no, unfortunately f-droid in my experience and a few others does not work consistently, it would be nice if it did because I like FOSS and think we need open platforms etc, however, its brokeness often hampers it compared to its proprietary 'competition' and yes, I understand why this might be, but to the end user who just wants it to work none of that matters.

@UnclearFuture I'll definitely look into trying to fix stability issues with FDroid, I'm sure there's something I can fix ^_^

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