Week nearly over... time for ! πŸ₯€ 🍿 🎞️

πŸ“ @cryptpad CryptPad: Privacy-friendly open alternative to Google Docs

πŸ“‚ @nextcloud Nextcloud: Privacy-friendly open alternative to Google Drive

🐘 @tootapp Toot!: Excellent Mastodon app for iOS

πŸ’» @yunohost Yunohost: Trying to make self-hosting as easy as possible

πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ @warandpeas War and Peas: The weird, salty webcomic

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@switchingsocial You should check out #CodiMD. It's a collaborative markdown editor with *tons* of awesome features like MathJax, a presentation mode, graphs, charts, music notation, alerts, and a lot more!

They have a Mastodon account here: @CodiMD


Thanks for the support! We're about to announce some news and now it'll reach more people πŸ‘

@switchingsocial @cryptpad @nextcloud @tootapp @yunohost @warandpeas

I'm a huge fan of , a free software platform that is roughly similar to NextCloud but has a (in my humble opinion) better security model and is multi-programming-language.

yunohost hΓΆrt sich sehr sehr interessant an.
Ist halt die Frage, wie aktuell die Pakete da bleiben. Hat da jemand bereits Erfahrungen gesammelt?
@cryptpad @nextcloud @tootapp @yunohost @warandpeas

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