Instagram alternative 's flagship instance is now permanently closed to new registrations in order to prevent centralisation.

You can still sign up to PixelFed, just pick another instance.

Here are some we'd recommend:

You can find more at:

PixelFed instances federate with the Fediverse, so you can follow PF accounts from Mastodon etc.


p.s. To follow a PixelFed account on Mastodon, the surest method is to copy and paste the PixelFed account's address into the Mastodon search box, then click search, then click follow.

You can also paste PixelFed post addresses if you want to interact with them on Mastodon.

p.p.s. This same copy-and-paste-address method works for other types of Fediverse account including PeerTube, Write Freely etc.

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Mastodon is a microblogging site that federates with most instances on the Fediverse.