After yesterday's drama, some positive news: it's πŸŽ‰

🍻 @GetTogetherComm GetTogether: Free open alternative to

πŸ“Έ @anfora Anfora: Federated alternative to Flickr, looking for help with continuing development

🐦 @lubuntu Lubuntu: Lightweight version of Ubuntu, helps bring older machines back to life

☁️ @ownclouders Owncloud: Free open alternative to Google Drive

:blobsunglasses: @TommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau: Yes, it really is him

Previous :

@NotNajimi @TommyWiseau

Yes, it is. He posted about it on his verified Twitter account when he set it up.

@bedap owncloud might be useful wrt to what you were asking for the other day?

@bedap @becky if you need something, just ask :) might take some day until I answer here, is also a good place for questions.

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