A couple of new free open Mastodon desktop apps (for Win/Mac/Linux) are in development.

You can follow them here:

Sengi - @sengi_app

Telephant - @telephant


Do you know if they’re going to support more than 500 characters for non glitch instances?

If not do you know any desktop client which does?

Thank you :)


I don't know, but I'll ask them. (I'm guessing you don't federate with

@sengi_app and @telephant , just had a question for you:

"Are you going to support more than 500 characters for non glitch instances?"


No this instance doesn’t, sorry and thank you :)

@switchingsocial @UnclearFuture @sengi_app

Yeah, as soon as there is a proper API to retrieve the character limit.


Answer from Telephant:

"Yeah, as soon as there is a proper API to retrieve the character limit."

(sengi dev here)
I'm relying on the "max_toot_chars" value to set the char limit, you can check it in https://your-instance/api/v1/instance

(example: )

If your instance doesn't provide such value, it's not supported for now in Sengi since there is no way to guess it.

In this case, a solution would be to let people changing the value in the settings section manually, would that work for you?


@NicolasConstant @switchingsocial

Yes, that would work, thank you :).

I use Toot! a lot currently because it has a soft limit, i.e. It lets you know that usually there are only 500 characters but doesn't stop you if you go over because the server can do that and displays an error message if you go over the server's limit.

@switchingsocial @UnclearFuture

I'm putting it to my TODO list then. :)

The soft limit would not work on Sengi since I'm providing a multi-posting functionality (if you're over the limit, Sengi will split automatically your message in multiple statuses).

@NicolasConstant @switchingsocial

Ah, okay, thank you for putting it on your TODO list and explaining why it's difficult in this case, I appreciate it :)

@masterofthetiger @switchingsocial @sengi_app @telephant I agree, telephant is looking awesome. Sengi is not on AUR so I tried using the web client, but it couldn't connect to my instance.

Sengi is available on Snap that is supporting a lot of distributions:

Did you get any error when trying to logging to your instance? (there is sometime CORS issues with some instances)
@masterofthetiger @switchingsocial

@masterofthetiger @switchingsocial @sengi_app My snap didn't work because I didn't bother to remember starting snapd. Now that I installed it, I don't get the CORS issues that I got in the browser.

So it's working? This is odd, it should have the same behavior in both.

@masterofthetiger @switchingsocial

@sengi_app @masterofthetiger @switchingsocial Ah, I figured it out. I was blocking XHR requests and the eMatrix (= uMatrix) button does not appear in popup windows so I didn't see anything was blocked.

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