Fediverse users who are blind or partially sighted rely on screen readers to read posts aloud.

It's important to add alt texts on images you post, so screen reader users know what is in them.

You can do this on Mastodon by clicking on "Describe for the visually impaired" after attaching an image.

But what if you forget?

Well, there's a useful bot which will send you an instant message if you forget to add alt text:


To use it, just follow it!

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@switchingsocial @alt_text Thanks for posting that reminder. As a blind person I can confirm that images with alt text are just amazing! They're one of the many advantages of Mastodon; barely anyone uses them elsewhere.

@switchingsocial @alt_text Is there a true ADA compliant instance that may exist?

@poisonous @switchingsocial @alt_text @tootapp I wonder if #FediLab has the same option, or would be willing to add that option? ๐Ÿ™‚

@RyuKurisu @poisonous @alt_text @tootapp
Media uploaded have a red border as long as no description is set. Otherwise, borders become green.

@switchingsocial @alt_text There's also @OCRbot , if you forget and want a robot to take care of it for you after you've already posted it, or to provide a caption for someone else's existing post


OCR is useful but it only reads text, it doesn't explain non-text images.

@switchingsocial @anomaly it's also not reliable, especially with dark backgrounds and white text (as is common on here)
if a person's able to write whatever's in the image if it's text, that's certainly preferable.

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