Did you know you can play chess on the Fediverse? 🐴 👑 lets you challenge people or put yourself forward to be challenged:

Moves happen by toots using chess notation, there are further instructions on the site.

It works with Mastodon and other ActivityPub-powered platforms.


chess on the Fediverse?
get a hubzilla account on a hub with the chess plugin installed.

e.g. here:

Moves will be shown not just with notation but also in picture -

#Hubzilla is the perfect place in the fediverse for a chess club... just give it a try

#Chess #Échecs #Schach #Scacchi #Ajedrez

@switchingsocial @druid @nortix

the #Hubzilla chessplugin integrades chess to 100% into your fediverse timeline and you can move by drag and drop - no extra webside needed

@lyliawisteria @switchingsocial @druid @nortix

If you want to check before registration if a #Hubzilla hub has the #chess plug in installed just add /siteinfo/json to the URL of the hub and check under “plugins for the entry “chess” - if you find also "gnusoc" "diaspora" and "pubcrawl" federation with the fedivers is also activated on that hub …

Find Hubzilla hubs here:

@lyliawisteria @switchingsocial @druid @nortix

actually it could be that this chess plug in just works among hubzilla users - not sure

But if you want to open up a online chess club – an installation of an Hubzilla hub should be your naturally first choice

@Nachbarschaft @switchingsocial @druid @nortix

not super interested in chess. that's why i want to know when i can play Go.

@switchingsocial mm, this concept wouldn't be too hard to adapt to other games with no randomness or hidden information and a well-defined notation, like assorted chess varients, go, or tak...

@switchingsocial actually some randomness isn't too bad as long as it's openly-known once rolled/drawn, like in Candy Land or Yahtzee (to use a couple well-known examples)

Gotta check if my #Hubzilla instance plays fine with Castling Club!
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