Want to run a blog on the Fediverse, which people can follow from Mastodon etc?

There are several platforms which let you do this:

Write Freely


ActivityPub plugin for Wordpress

Pterotype plugin for Wordpress

Which one do your prefer ? Is there a page explaining the difference between them ?

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The plugins take an existing Wordpress blog and allow people to subscribe to it from the Fediverse.

Write Freely and Plume are more like alternatives to Medium, where the focus is on the text rather than the layout.


I know but was more wondering about DB that you can use, the techno used, etc ...


I'm not a developer, I don't know. Sorry.

The Plume git is here:

The Write Freely git is here:

They might have the info you want?

@switchingsocial Do people have a preference between the 2 Wordpress plugins? Which one is the easiest to install? Which one is the most stable? Any limitations on either side that I should know?



Some links you may find useful...

Weirdly the replies display OK in my Web browser but not from within Fedilab. Copy and paste into your browser of choice...

@switchingsocial Don't forget's a great piece of software,especially if you only need a single user blog with not that much features which works just fine to deliver your information but nothing more.I use it for my blog and I'm very happy with it.You can find the repository at and I have a fork of it with another design which is optimized for longer posts at

@switchingsocial Is it permissable to use one of these as a place for shownotes of a podcast? ie links to news stories covered in the podcast episode, links to guests, links to podcast media files, embeded players, etc. Or is that up to each onstance.

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