Mastodon has a dark theme by default, but have you tried the light theme?

It's especially good on the latest update (version 2.9 and above).

1. Click on Preferences

2. Click on Appearance (if necessary, not always needed)

3. Set "Site Theme" to "Mastodon Light"

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save changes"

5. Click "Back to Mastodon"

And that's it πŸ‘

@switchingsocial and why would I do that? 😜 JK, it's good to have options.

@michal @bane

I know it's not the "cool" thing to say, but I honestly really like the light theme on the single column interface! :blobpeek:

To me, it just feels calmer with a light background, less "techy" 😌

@switchingsocial @michal
>less "techy"
That's it. I'm calling the internet police.

@switchingsocial @michal @bane I forgot that the dark one was the default. I immediately switched it to white.

@switchingsocial I use it. I like the dark theme, but it gets tiresome. There. I've said it.


Yeah, I'm not the only one!

Come on people, don't be afraid to come out about this πŸ‘


I just really wish there was a black font on light-to medium gray for the fedilab app like the light mode in the picture, which I'm guessing is from the website. It would do wonders toward making this platform accessible to me.


Not sure what to suggest about the app except contacting the developer.

By the way, the website also has a third theme, high contrast. That might help with accessibility too?

Noooo, high contrast is the worst. I don't have vision issues per se, I have neurological ones, and the name of the game here is making the contrast less, thus black on medium gray.


Ah, ok.

By the way, the people doing Cryptpad were asking for feedback on accessible colours if you're interested?

@switchingsocial Oh, this is nice.

I'm tiring of the dark theme trend. I need more light and happiness in my life. All these dark themes are a drag.

Yes, thank goodness for the light theme. Dark theme gives me eyestrain headaches 😱

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