Forks of in other languages:

🇫🇷 French / En Français

🇩🇪 German / Auf Deutsch

🇮🇹 Italian / In Italiano

🇹🇷 Turkish / Türkçe

(These sites are run by their maintainers/owners, please contact them directly if you have feedback or suggestions.)

You can also follow on the Fediverse:



That would be brilliant!

I can't host/maintain translated fork sites, but I will promote them as much as possible?

I will do that and start the translations asap. Any hints about the template or anything else?🤙


It's your site, I'd encourage you to do it how you think is best 👍 You're free to alter anything you want.

Also, if you do a list of instances, I'd encourage you to list instances in your own language if possible.

The other forks have taken different approaches to fonts, themes etc.

As long as the text is clear and the site is easy to navigate, it should work fine with the contents.

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