If you're on an instance running the latest version of Mastodon, you may have noticed the image attachment button has turned into a paperclip πŸ“Ž

This is because you can now attach lots of different kinds of media: images, video and audio πŸ‘

The supported file types are:

JPEG/PNG/GIF for images

MP4/WEBM/MOV for video

MP3/WAV/OGG/FLAC for audio

There's a size limit of 8 megabytes on images and 40 megabytes on video/audio.

@deletionism @dwc

As far as I know, the files are stored on the same instance as the original post.

@switchingsocial That's awesome! Thanks for the tip. I might post audio. Do you know where the files are stored?

@switchingsocial I'd guessed as much. On most Web sites now, the paperclip is pretty much a universal icon for "attachment" – images, video, sound...

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