, a Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events, has just achieved its third crowdfunding goal of €50k:

There's still 10 days to go, with any further funds going towards a mobile app and advanced mapping features.

You can follow the project on here:


The project leaders are French free software campaign group @Framasoft who have a good track record in making privacy-friendly alternatives.

(via @blog )

@switchingsocial @mobilizon @Framasoft @blog They are the non profit behind PeerTube, which was crowdfunded one year ago too and is still maintained. These guys are trustworthy

@thibaultamartin @mobilizon @Framasoft

Indeed! And they also provide dozens of well-maintained public instances of FLOSS projects:

@switchingsocial @mobilizon @Framasoft @blog

I feel like calling it the fediverse Facebook events is selling it short. It's not just about creating events. It's about organizing protest and rebellion!

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