Mastodon's Lists let you follow handpicked accounts on their own timeline.

The single-column interface makes it a bit easier to use them:

1. Click on "Lists" in the right sidebar

2. Enter a new list title, click + to create it

3. Click on the new list's name to open it

4. Click on the three sliders icon in the top right corner, click "Edit List"

5. Click "Search among people you follow" and enter keywords, then click + to add to your list

6. Click outside the box to close it

@switchingsocial any idea if there's a similar mechanism for following tags ?


On the multicolumn interface you can pin a hashtag search as an additional column, and add other hashtags to the same column if you want.

I don't think there is this option on single column yet?

@switchingsocial yes, that's what I was asking: if there's a method for achieving the pinned tag search in the single column layout.

@switchingsocial I opened a feature request for this. Maybe someone has some free time and likes the idea.

@switchingsocial This toot made me wanna try the single-column interface now. Thanks for the screenshots!

@switchingsocial First impressions of single-column interface: It's much faster but does not expand horizontally to fill the screen wasting tons of display space. :-( I'll still stick with it for now to get to know it better. #Mastodon


I guess it depends on what size display you have, but it fills the screen on my laptop?

@switchingsocial I'm currently on a full HD resolution but the operating systems taskbar consumes about 80 pixels on the left. Roughly 640 pixels, which is a third of Full HD horizontal resolution, are wasted by #Mastodon. That's a lot.


It's a matter of taste and hardware I guess.

Fortunately both options are available to everyone and it's really easy to switch back and forth 👍

@switchingsocial It just lacks the option to use your full display space in single-column view. Plus switching between single and multi column views could be made a one-click action instead being hidden in the settings. #Mastodon


Thanks for that. Didn't even realize we have lists in here. Do you know if there's a way (or a tool) to schedule toots, much like TwitterDeck?


I'm not sure, I think some apps may have that feature?

@gomez @fedilab @switchingsocial

Interesting app. Because I write my scheduled tweets from desktop, I want to do the same with toots. There's a git project that connects Twitter and Mastodon, so essentially I can use twirterDeck for scheduled toots... I'm exploring this for now as well.

@jrss @gomez @fedilab @switchingsocial

If you use Linux, there are a couple of cli clients out there. Toot is written in python. Could use it combination with crontab to have it toot when it is triggered by the interval you set in crontab.

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