🚨 ⚠️ Instace owners,

Gab seems to be using the "exited.eu" domain name. Please block this ASAP.

@switchingsocial this is wrong, exited.eu is not a Nazi instance. It's just an instance for testing the gab software. There is no need to block it

@BadAtNames @switchingsocial the instance run by a platform for nazis is not a nazi instance, noted


@Umby @BadAtNames

It is an instance filled with Nazi propaganda including promoting murder and genocide. It should be blocked.

If you want to discuss semantics you are either deliberately or stupidly missing the point.

@switchingsocial @Umby @BadAtNames I think that was just a jokey reply to the guy saying a gab instance isn't fash

@switchingsocial @Umby @BadAtNames may I ask for example of promoting murder and genocide? I’d ban that user ASAP, if it’s me, then I would ban myself and publicly apologize for doing something that looks like promoting murder and genocide.

@switchingsocial @Umby @BadAtNames i think y'all made a fucky wucky in that this specifically is not a nazi instance, but it just runs the fork of a software used by nazi instance. the instance is clearly not owned by gab the company

@switchingsocial @Umby @BadAtNames i am against nazis but this looks extremely like saying "oh, look, mastodon is full of pedos because baraag.net exists and it has mastodon logo on it, it clearly must be run by gargron!"

come on, that's the easiest way to dscredit oneself for how misguided the person who runs that specific instance may be

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