is an Android app for the social network.

Scuttlebutt works differently to other social networks, it has no servers and your personal data is stored on your device. (Scuttlebutt and Manyverse are of course free and open software too! 👍 )

It's still slightly tricky to use, but Manyverse is trying to make it easier. You can find out more at:

and follow them on the Fediverse at:


with the lead developer at:


@switchingsocial @staltz @manyver_se Is it still that they never delete messages? If yes, you should buy a lot hard drives.

@hoergen Correct, an SSB feed is write only. Postings cannot be edited or deleted afterwards.
@staltz @manyver_se @switchingsocial

@Hamiller @hoergen @staltz @manyver_se

My understanding is that the file size for a typical account is a few gigabytes?

@switchingsocial Yes, but you can delete the old blob files (pictures and videos) from the feeds of the users you follow. This saves some space. @hoergen @staltz @manyver_se

@switchingsocial @staltz @Hamiller @manyver_se In the beginning yes .. but if you are a while in that network, you should buy a NAS or several.

@hoergen @staltz @Hamiller @manyver_se

When I tried it, it was mainly text-based posts, I don't think it would ever be beyond a few gigs?

(And as is mentioned elsewhere you can delete pictures and vids.)

Storage needed may vary tremendously for individuals though, yes.

@switchingsocial @staltz @Hamiller @manyver_se Hehe ok. So its more somethig for nerds and storage companies ;) If it would come to maintream, then you have to deal with cat pictures and cat videos ;)

@hoergen you can send and receive pics/ vids of cats (or anything else) on #Scuttlebutt, you just don't have to store them long term. I haven't tested #Manyverse yet (it doesn't seem to be available for Android 4.4.4 or older), but I assume you can set it to only keep recent posts, up to a given storage limit. Then you can use a desktop client (or run a pub on a VPS) to store a larger volume of post data for posterity or to help with distribution.
@staltz @Hamiller @manyver_se @switchingsocial

@hoergen @switchingsocial @staltz @manyver_se afaik, yes it is.
it's based on append-only logs to ease the sync between contacts

@hoergen @manyver_se @switchingsocial Number of extra hard drives I have bought due to that issue: zero.

That said, work is underway (in the SSB community) to implement deletion of log messages in the protocol. It's tricky but doable. And blobs are easily deletable, and they consist of ~80% of the used space typically.

@switchingsocial Well I really like some aspects of #ssb but messages that can't be edited or removed seem more and more sort of a network communication antipattern to me... 😔
@manyver_se @staltz

@z428 @staltz @manyver_se @switchingsocial You can edit and remove messages. It's the storage that's append only. You just append a 'remove message #id' (if I understood docs correctly )

@fabrixxm Does manyverse support that? I was thinking to use that for synchronization of my diary between devices but failed to edit existing entries...
@staltz @manyver_se @switchingsocial

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