You can start your own Mastodon instance even if you're not a techy person by using a managed hosting service like

They do all the technical stuff like installation, upgrades, server maintenance etc behind the scenes. You own the actual instance, and control what happens on it.

You can follow them at:


@switchingsocial @mastohost Aren't there any scalability issues associated with having hundreds of thousands of small instances?

@codewiz probably there are but I don't host hundreds of thousands of small instances :)
Still, there is no need to host everyone in the same servers. For example one can have 50 instances on a server and have another 50 in another. This way one can have independent resources.
I am not using orchestration but custom built scripts to manage the hosting.

@mastohost @switchingsocial No, I meant scalability issues for the ActivityPub network...

If there are N nodes, does everyone need to keep a number of open TLS connections proportional to N? Or maybe perform a higher number of TLS handshakes?

I'm looking for problems like these that would increase per-instance hosting costs due to higher CPU usage, memory or network traffic.

@codewiz I am not involved in the development of Mastodon and my knowledge on that area is basic.
I would suggest you ask the dev community either here or on
Still, a Mastodon instance will only federate with other instances where a user is following or is followed by. So, the number of federated instances can in theory be large but it rarely is. Plus, the federation is asynchronous, you can limit resources and have federation be delayed in peak hours

@codewiz @mastohost @switchingsocial

Bernie - Even if this would be the case as you say – it´s the price of freedom

The fediverse will be not such a good place if we all remain sitting on this big instances.

The fediverse needs all this small instances to became a place of feedom.

@switchingsocial @mastohost

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