It's the last few hours of crowdfunding for , a free open federated alternative to Facebook Events:

You can follow it here:


It's already achieved its funding goals for events, groups and ActivityPub federation.

Further funds will go to mobile apps, UI development and advanced maps.

It's backed by @Framasoft , the free software organisation that backed PeerTube and many other alternatives.

@switchingsocial @mobilizon @Framasoft never heard of them. probably because they write their posts in Alien?

I'm all for choice, but I wonder how it would be different from GetTogether
@mobilizon @Framasoft

@bencomp @mobilizon @Framasoft

Framasoft contacted GetTogether to suggest collaboration, but apparently they're headed in two significantly different directions, so the projects remained separate.

I think Mobilizon will be more like Facebook Events, while GetTogether is more like MeetUp?

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