The alternative search engine has a new maps site based on OpenStreetMap data:

What do people think?

How would you rate Qwant for privacy?

@switchingsocial It's a bit rough around the edges, fully usable. Though it lacks soem of it's features in Norway as well as lacking a mobile apps as far as i am aware of.

@switchingsocial I think their privacy is pretty good but during the Article 13 discussions I've read that they belong 20% to Axel Springer (BILD newspaper) which is pro-uploadfilters and therefore I don't feel good when recommending them.There are better Maps services,for example #MetaGer Maps by the non-profit organization SUMA e.V.


MetaGer looks good, do you know of any similar English language map sites?

@switchingsocial @nipos I'd usually use just plain

It lacks some of the convenience that other OSM-based map-service provide, though

@JayVii_de @nipos

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Qwant Maps seems to be trying to make OSM more user friendly, a bit closer to Google Maps' features?

I'm not hugely happy about Qwant's ties to Bild, but people need user friendly alternatives to Google Maps.

@switchingsocial coming up with a decent websearch is not trivial. When it comes to privacy, there are not so many alternatives.

Metager & searX come to mind, however either of those are meta-search engines and thus rely on others + i am personally not happy with their search results either.

DDG is not a valid alternative, since it is US-based and not FOSS & thus can never (at least in theory) promise full privacy.


Yeah, this is a serious problem.

As far as I can tell, alternative search engines are the least worst options?

Thanks for #searx , configured all my browsers to use one of searX public instances for trial period. Will decide later, if it suits me or not🙂

@switchingsocial Sorry,I thought there's also a English version of MetaGer Maps,but looks like I was wrong.I tried searching for another one but couldn't find a good result.Qwant Maps is still the best international one then.Maybe someone can help MetaGer with translating?It's open source:

@switchingsocial I was a bit bored and did some more research regarding good OpenStreetMap websites and I have some good results. is English and has a user-friendly interface with important features like route planning.Well,that was the only usable one I found at the OpenStreetMap wiki.A second interesting thing is that Qwant Maps is open source on Github: and everyone could easily operate an own Maps service using it.

Qwant Maps just became really interesting to me.

Would be quite nice if that is a easy to use and ideally easy to install self hostable maps application for browsers.


Very interesting to hear that Qwant Maps is open source, would be nice to see instances of this run by individuals and indie orgs/companies.

Maybe such instances could be integrated into the Fediverse somehow?


And OpenRouteService is good too if you want to do routing rather than general searches.

@switchingsocial I don't see how we could integrate that into the Fediverse.A Maps website doesn't need federation.All instances could work completely independent from each other.But yes,small instances run by individuals would be really cool.But I don't know if there is any data owned by Qwant which is needed to run it (search for example).Maybe I'll have a closer look at that soon.

@switchingsocial It has a so much nicer user experience than The renderer is nicer, you can click on POIs like on Google Maps. It also has a route planner.

I can see myself referring less-technically-inclined people to Qwant Maps.

@switchingsocial Qwant is probably good for privacy for now but they're a French company being sponsored by the French government and that same government is now forcing search engines to censor results, which Qwant initially claimed it wouldn't do as compared to Google. Well then, they don't react to my inquiries, maybe it's time for some more influential people to make them comment on this disaster.

@switchingsocial seems to have much less details than itself or and therefore less useable for me.

@switchingsocial It doesn't work for me, the expected map zone is all blank.


Hmm... is the same zone visible on

@switchingsocial Yes, it is. I tested on many browser, same problem (except icecat where ik makes the tab crash). Nothing is blocked by my addons.

@switchingsocial looks good! We need more well designed tools in open source project and this one is quite curated.

@switchingsocial OSM it's almost empty on my city. Sadly the only option for me is google maps :c

@juacq97 @switchingsocial
Then think about start contributing yourself to OSM. It's really easy nowadays with apps like Street complete ( or OSM Go! (

@switchingsocial It fits my needs and my friends needs. They don't need Google Maps anymore thanks to @Qwant :)

@switchingsocial @dada
IMHO, it is almost ready to replace google maps. The only thing which is missing is a nice mobile app, then it will be ready to go :)
Qwant privacy seems to be good enough. However, in order to improve SEO/Ranking a tutorial would be fine for webmasters.

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