I have definitely recommended them to people asking about Pocket (by the way you can follow them at @wallabag ! )

If I can ask for some advice, what is the status of Pocket anyway? It seems to have some kind of source here (github.com/Pocket), but I'm guessing it's incomplete?

Is it just proprietary software right now, even though it's owned by Mozilla?

@switchingsocial Actually I didn't even know it was owned by #mozilla.

On the about page, I haven't found anything about Mozilla ...


@hyde_stevenson @wallabag

I'm not sure, but Wikipedia seems to think they are part of Mozilla?

Just seems weird to see an open software company keeping it proprietary...


@switchingsocial @hyde_stevenson It definitely is. People at Mozilla have been asking for months on how’s the open-sourcing process’s going on…

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