Mastodon doesn't have a direct system to verify users' identities.

However, if you own a website you can verify your identity as its owner πŸ‘

1. Go to Preferences > Profile > Appearance

2. Scroll down to "Verification", copy the code and paste it onto the front page of your website

3. Add your website to "Profile Metadata"

4. Click "Save Changes"

That's it!

Your website address should now be verified in green on your profile πŸŽ‰

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But this does not work if you have special security tools running on your server for example tools to avoid grabbing data or scanning for open ports.


All it does is go to your public website and check if you've linked back to your account from it?

yes, but this checking process does not work if certain security tools are running on your server.

For example - our radio page ( ) - we have put the required back link on (footer section and also on its tune in page) but it is not possible to read it out (checking for back link process fails), although the back link is installed correclty and pointing to our mastodon profile.

Checking process gives back an error.


(I'm guessing you already made sure the backlink has rel="me" in it?)

One workaround could be to disable the tools, click "save changes" to trigger the checking, then switch the tools back on again.

As far as I know, it only checks at the moment you click save changes.

Thank you very much for that idea for a workaround.

Yes, I made sure the backlink has rel="me" in it.

I think it is not possible to switch the hoster's security things off for a moment but will check this possibility.

"Paste it onto the front page of your website" is not ideal. Most verification mechanisms query a specific, hidden URL.


I'm not sure what you mean?

This isn't an identity verification system, but a site ownership verification.

If the site is well known and/or verified by other means, then it also verifies your identity.

@sturmflut @switchingsocial It seems you don't actually have to put a visible link. A <link> tag in the <head> section also seems to work, or at least it worked for me when I did it.

@jmorahan @sturmflut

It's not like this is a secret code or anything though, it's just a link to your public profile from your public website?

I can't see how there's any risk in linking from one public page to another?

@switchingsocial @sturmflut Nah there's no risk, there just might not be a place on the page where it makes sense to add an extra visible link.

@jmorahan It is not always practical to have to change the code of a whole website. Uploading a text file to the webhost, like pretty much everybody else does, is much less intrusive.

@switchingsocial The documentation just mentions the link must have a rel="me" attribute. Good to know it doesn't have to be an <a> tag.

@x @grainloom

Cool :blobsmile:

How did you insert the code into your Twitter profile?

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