I've updated the "Alternatives to Amazon Books" page to make it clearer.

If you're looking for alternatives to Amazon Books, or Amazon's book-related properties (Kindle, Goodreads, Audible), here are some suggestions:

More :

You are suggesting kobo ereaders. Should take a look at bq Cervantes. The software is under GPL and the quality is really good.


Yeah, obviously that would be the best option, but AFAIK you can't buy the GPL version of Cervantes any more?

@switchingsocial Are there any quality alternatives to the Kindle hardware other than the Kobo readers? Those are made by the Japanese internet giant Rakuten, which is maybe not as bad as Amazon, but still far from being the kind of company I'd want to support.


As far as I know, no.

Kobo is a "least worst" alternative, which is unfortunately a very common phenomenon when it comes to hardware.

The GPL version of Cervantes was mentioned in this thread and earlier threads, but it doesn't seem to be available any more.

@switchingsocial @jofazepa @gueorgui

Good find!

Also, and not exactly what you asked for, as I'm thinking that you have a Kobo, but you can pick up Android tablets all day long for about ten bucks that are yesterdays' heroes, coupled with another solution with a greater feature set and that's #Calibre, using its own bundled reader or installing something in addition like KO Reader from the F-Droid repo.

@swittchingsocial : My suggestion a few days ago to augment your Alt_to_Amazon page to include did not include the expectation of so much additional work, and Smashwords is indeed listed at the bottom of the page (having been one of the very first added to their list in 2015). Thanks for the fantastic update!

The most important aspect, to me, is that we do the utmost to only purchase #DRM_Free products ;)
@jofazepa @gueorgui @switchingsocial

Arggghhh! It looked really good and I'll install on a backup android device, but this stuck out like a sore thumb to me:

"CVE-2019-7321 Usage of an uninitialized variable in the function fz_load_jpeg in Artifex MuPDF 1.14 can result in a heap overflow vulnerability that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code."

From here:

The DDoS vuls don't really bother me much on an Android, but the execution of arbitrary code is always a scary flag.

Regardless, #Libera_Pro has a lot of stars and a good review on G-Droid, an app I highly recommend after enabling F-Droid on your device - G-Droid allows you to actually leave reviews on products in the F-Droid repo (If you have a Mastodon client).

#gdroid #fdroid #readers

@gueorgui @switchingsocial You might want to check out Good Ereader reviews:

There really aren’t many options, but fwiw Android e-ink tablets seem to be the most flexible, if you can afford them :/

@switchingsocial Where does Scribd fall on this spectrum? You don't actually buy books at all. You're just buying access to read them--like buying Netflix isn't the same as buying a season from Amazon.


"netflix for books" = a library 😁

You can borrow ebooks from public libraries, and from Open Library.

@switchingsocial Yeah, I know. I was just wondering if it's less evil than Amazon, more evil than Kobo


I just can't see the point of using a for-profit VC company like Scribd when we already have excellent well-established non-profit alternatives like public libraries and Open Library.

Kobo is listed as a "least worst" alternative rather than a positive recommendation. If there was a free open alternative to Kindle I would be listing that instead.


Just to make clear, there's nothing innately wrong with private companies charging for their services.

However, for-profit VC-owned online companies will tend to have more financial incentive to spy on their customers :blobsad:

@switchingsocial Very this. Also, it helps if you ask your local bookstore to order in books that you want! They are usually more than happy. Local businesses need more love.


Yes, I have local bookshops listed at the top of the alternatives! 👍

I've had really really good experiences with my local bookshop. When I've asked them to order titles, they have often got me my books within 24 hours!

This is faster than Amazon, which takes at least couple of days in total from order to actual delivery.

Local bookshops are a treasure ❤️

@switchingsocial is also a great source for public-domain and DRM-free ebooks. Narrower public domain selection than Gutenberg but much better typesetting, and for books they sell they indicate the DRM status

@switchingsocial under "Public Domain eBooks" I miss with its almost 10k German EPUBs (and 1k English). Maybe you want to add that? Especially as from within Germany, is blocked (court cases).

Disclosure: It's my site (i.e. I pay all the server costs, wrote the software/website, add the books etc).

@switchingsocial thanks for this worth noting that abebooks are part of amazon too. I didn’t realise for a few months after switching from amazon to them 🤦‍♂️


Yup :blobsad:

And through Abebooks, Amazon also owns 40% of LibraryThing, which is why it isn't listed either. is also owned by Amazon through Abebooks.

It's amazing how many companies there are like this, where they do their best to hide their parents' identity.

(In real world products, the "Innocent" brand of smoothies implies it is independent, but it's actually part of Coca-Cola.)

@switchingsocial is worth looking at too. It helps authors release their books under Creative Commons by letting readers buy their books. Got there when searching for an eBook version of Burning Up

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