Many thanks to everyone who collaborated on the "alternatives to recaptcha" thread a couple of weeks ago.

I've now added a recaptcha alternatives page based on people's suggestions in the thread:

Feedback welcome πŸ‘

@switchingsocial Hi, maybe it would be interesting to talk a bit about the accessibility issues related to β€œcaptchas”. Privacy is one thing to consider but when disabled ppl can’t even us the service...


Ok, I've added a little bit at the beginning about accessibility, I hope it is all right.

I think this page is quite good and I like it, that you link to the website I proposed "You probably don't need reCaptcha' and did not just 'copied' the contwnd to your site.

@The_Observer6955 @switchingsocial but I believe the "you probably don't need…" article is not really good; it is way more based on emotions and passionate hate of google than real facts. "The internet is not full of spam" and "captchas are useless" was just two serious problems, amongst aplenty. And suggesting "bad for humans but good for spambots" captchas isn't helping either. It's not easy to REPLACE recaptcha, and the ALTERNATIVES aren't even close in usefulness. 😞

@switchingsocial great! I've just recently been annoyed by mandatory google recaptcha when signing up with as we as another matrix home server.

@switchingsocial Nice page πŸ‘ And I'm happy that you could use at least two of the projects I mentioned πŸ˜ƒ That's a really important but difficult topic.As the captcha service I used ( shut down their service,I tried finding some other alternatives once again some days ago but I couldn't find anything usable I didn't know before πŸ™„

@switchingsocial Great article! I'll send this to the Mozilla representative I spoked to when they introduced reCaptcha on Mozilla Addons.

I'd love to see mentioned in the page somewhere it's forcing users to do labour and train privative IAs which #Gobble will exploit in the future. It's neo-slavery in my understanding.

Firefox users are also more affected, and also some note about blocking Tor users will honor a reality, because they are abused in neverending pages of reCaptchas.

@switchingsocial It'd be very helpful if anyone knew some good alternatives to the Google keyboard on Android. I get the feeling they're monitoring the things I friggin type.

@sleepydev @switchingsocial There is AnySoftKeyboard which is availaible on F-Droid. I've been using it several months now and I like it!

@sleepydev @inhji

F-droid is an open, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play's app store.

You can find out more at:

You can also follow them at @fdroidorg


seeing again yesterday that Freenode's webchat uses reCAPTCHA had me thinking back to this

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