NextCloud is a really good privacy-friendly alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Calendar and many other online services.

You don't need any tech knowledge to use it!

The easiest way to sign up for Nextcloud is to use their official "Simple sign-up" page, which directs people to their preferred providers:

(Of course, if you are good with tech you can self-host if you prefer 👍)

You can follow them on here at:


@switchingsocial @nextcloud I use a nextcloud instance hosted by hetzner, they're fairly cheap and have a range of storage space.

@switchingsocial I think linking to the signup promotes centralization. Maybe you should come up with a list of recommended instances?


Just to make clear, the signup page on isn't signing people up on Nextcloud's own instance.

They are simply recommending third party instances like I do.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud I run an instance for two years on a raspberry pi. It became the most important tool for me by now. And yes nextcloud talk (the video conference app, similar to google hangouts) runs pretty decently, even on a raspberry pi!

@switchingsocial @nextcloud don’t forget to add that self hosting is a real responsibility. While Nextcloud puts everything in place so you can host safely your data, you are still responsible for maintaining your server secure in the long run. It is not as easy as many imagine

@thibaultamartin @nextcloud

Of course, which is why this non-selfhosted option is so important.

Many people still think you need to self-host to use Nextcloud.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud

Quick side note - Nextcloud is a part of @yunohost 's system, giving easy, secure installation and panel management. It can be run on #Pi and other #SBC.

A not-unusual personal hosting option is to run it on the home LAN, and VPN to the server for your mobile device(s), for those concerned about putting their junk on the internet.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud I'm not a tech user and I now have my own cloud thanks to Nextcloud and my provider: YourOwnNet (

A bit of a warning though: My first attempt was with the provider Hostiso and their service was slow and their customer support was unhelpful and didn't care.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud it's also for enterprises since it costs 2,110.62 USD for the bare basic plan.

@ace @nextcloud

I'm not sure what you mean?

The accounts linked to above start at free of charge, with a few dollars a month for extra storage.

Have you used it with a lot of small files? It didn't really work out for me (self hosted). Slow like hell and downloading files often stalled.

@phlox @switchingsocial @nextcloud also, uploading large files (videos etc) tends to fail because they get sent as one large HTTP upload. A lot of work is needed to make this more robust / reliable and support things like resumption...

@switchingsocial @nextcloud I’m using it and I love it! I knew about them through your e-book, and I knew too, very interesting and complete platform! Thanks a lot!

@switchingsocial EteSync is a secure, open-source, and privacy respecting sync for your contacts, calendars and tasks. Think NextCloud but end-to-end encrypted.
It's easy to use and seamlessly integrates with your existing apps/system. Worth taking a look. 😉

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