Follow feedback requested 💬

The site currently has two contents pages:

-Current default (roughly in order of relevance to non-tech people)

-Alphabetical order

Is the front page ok as is, with current list and link to alphabetical list?

Or should the alphabetical list be the default on the front page?

(If your instance doesn't support polls, post a reply.)

@switchingsocial I like the current view, but the repeated "Alternatives to" on every line makes it a bit hard to scan!

@tao @switchingsocial Agree! I'd work a bit on the design. Maybe use more graphics and even just colors of the app (blue for FB) to really make them pop and easier to scan quickly.

@switchingsocial maybe it could be more user friendly if content was centered around "topics" rather than a certain proprietary product, digging could be interersting


I'd like graphical categories.

you could have:

- Social media
- Phone apps
- Desktop stuff
- Creative software
- Games

could even have like a step by step thing where you go through the whole thing

I think making things more visual and organized makes things more accessible to people that haven't had any experience with a thing

@ChrisTalleras @switchingsocial
Adding onto this, maybe a ToC at the top with ID links to the categories further down the page? That would let people find what they want quickly and efficiently while still letting them just browse and see what there is.

@ChrisTalleras @amolith

I'm not sure how RSS would work on a site like as it's not really got news stories as such?

However, you can follow this Mastodon account through RSS by going to:

@switchingsocial How about a sortable table? I would keep the default on most popular.

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