An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:

You can follow them on here:


@switchingsocial @maxeddy Maybe Microsoft should put aside 4% of their global turnover, just in case this gets to court and they lose.


I love @libreoffice. But, and big one, is their Android app - still can't use it for editing anything.

@mu @switchingsocial @libreoffice
I use AndrOpen Office on Android to edit odt etc files. It works well, does have advertising when you close the app.


Ads were pretty much the reason I didn't use it. It is the best substitute to @libreoffice at the moment.



I should give another look to #AndrOffice then.
It was years ago when I checked them last time, and I recall ads were in working area as well, back then.

@libreoffice @switchingsocial

Sorry to say but a lot to be desired for #libreoffice when it comes to actual #productivity
In corporate use, #msoffice is way ahead
I use the #msoffice at work & #libreoffice for private purpose where it is merely sufficient.
@switchingsocial @libreoffice
The lack of focus on #usability & #productivity was a problems with #foss for many years. People are slowly getting past this bad legacy.


In my desktop experience, @libreoffice (LO) works better than #msoffice (MSO). Most issues I faced came when files created in LO are opened by MSO - microsoft has kept rough edges. On purpose?


@nurinoas @mu @libreoffice

If you run a company, try OnlyOffice:

I mainly mention LibreOffice because is mainly aimed at private individuals.

@switchingsocial @nurinoas @mu LibreOffice from the website is great for home users, yes, but there are LibreOffice-based solutions ideally suited for organisations and enterprises:

@libreoffice @nurinoas @mu

Thanks very much for that, I've added the link to's entry for LibreOffice 👍

@libreoffice im still waiting for a usable selfhosted gdocs alternative :( (not for business)

@dahabakuk @libreoffice define "gdocs" alternative as in desired specifics...

i didnt like nextcloud (syncthing for me) but ill take a look at cryptpad thx
@libreoffice @cryptpad @nextcloud

@libreoffice @switchingsocial @nurinoas @mu I think one very important feature is the fact that it can open and save the MS Office format. It has become the standard (next to PDF) so it's important. Especially for businesses.

@switchingsocial @nurinoas @mu @libreoffice #onlyoffice is a scary, resource hogging unstable bitch. It's pretty useful, great program, but when it comes to keeping it alive and working, oh my.


I thought so, but there isn't happening much

Also seeing this year's commits it looks like a dying project to me.

Either that, or development happens as closed shop now.

Similar for the frontend

@nurinoas @mu @libreoffice

@switchingsocial also just putting it out there, ONLYOffice is also opensource and (visually at least) pretty dang good

@libreoffice @switchingsocial This integration looks pretty good too Nextcloud SharePoint ownCloud Confluence Alfresco , I would guess that as Next/OwnCloud use WebDav then it will integrate with instances hosted by for example Disroot.
@necrosis @libreoffice @switchingsocial That is a good option too, If you need to do presentations then you can use LaTeX with Beamer.
@necrosis @libreoffice @switchingsocial R can integrate with LaTeX too. This is the power of FOSS too, lots of projects that integrate nicely together.

@switchingsocial @libreoffice amazing. As a Dutch citizen I would expect this to be newsworthy in the Netherlands. But so far I have not stumbled upon anything yet.

To be fair, I don't read a lot of news but this is the type of news I usually do read. I'd expect Google to shower me with this article from multiple news sites. 🙄

@xzenor @libreoffice

The report was last November so I wouldn't expect anything in the news right now.

But even if the report was now, the media (and society as a whole) seems to be quite in denial about how widespread and dangerous this surveillance is :blobsad:

@valerauko @switchingsocial There is a link within the article on the register for this…

Report link…

I agree not easy to find, they should follow the convention when writing any reports or articles include a list of references at the end and numbered citations. Would make it a lot easier.

But anyway, hope the above helps.

@switchingsocial @libreoffice

That Dutch report:

This is a drop in the ocean compared to the data farming done by Windows 10!

Una goccia nell'oceano a confronto allo rapimento di dati condotto dalla piattaforma Windows 10 (ci sara' un modo piu' succinto per descrivere, ma il mio italiano si e' completamente arruginito! Qc mi puo' sbloccare?)

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