Have you tried filling in your profile's metadata section?

You can add links, or even just random info, which appear as a table next to your public profile.

1. Click on "Edit Profile"

2. Go to "Profile Metadata" section and fill in one or more rows

3. (optional) To verify your ownership of a website, insert the verification code into your website's code. This will make verified links turn green on your profile with a tick next to them.

4. Click Save

More :

p.s. If you want your links to actually work on the metadata (or anywhere on Mastodon), make sure you type them in full, with "https://" at the beginning.

The "https://" disappears when it's posted, but Mastodon turns it into a working link first.

@switchingsocial Some instances even add more than 4. I did 6 because why not. 😛

@switchingsocial Yes, I forgot it several times on another account :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

@switchingsocial thanks for the tips! I always thought mods checked the links and labelled them as verified -- i had no idea you could do it yourself


Yup, it's self-service :)

By the way, you might want to add https:// to your links so that people can click on them 👍

@switchingsocial I am a bit disappointed, that you removed the controversial pizza topping field again.

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