You may know @nextcloud offers a free open storage system, but did you know it also has its own app ecosystem?

There are lots of extra apps you can add to your Nextcloud:

(Includes collaborative document editing, music streaming, video calling, calendar syncing, note taking, XMPP chat and lots more)

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Which option you choose depends on how technical you are 👍

Easiest is just sign up with a third party provider, there's a signup tool here:

(Note, this tool signs people up with a pool of third parties, it isn't signing people up on itself.)

Harder but slightly more independent is using a managed hosting provider:

Hardest but most independent is installing Nextcloud on your own server:

@switchingsocial @dionys_rbe @nextcloud the XMPP chat is a javascript CLIENT only. You‘d need a full XMPP server to use that.

One of the killer features (aside from the file up/download/sync) is the "Talk" app: a WebRPC-based multi-user text/audio/video chat that includes window/screen sharing - browser-only, no need to install an agent. Your own WebEx, but in functional.

@vampirdaddy @dionys_rbe @nextcloud

Thanks for the info.

About the XMPP thing, why does it say "xmpp server backend" on it if it's just a client?

@switchingsocial @dionys_rbe @nextcloud it still is CLIENT-ONLY. There still is no XMPP backend installed. It "only" has added 1:1 chats among local users without server (or an XMPP server hosted by

I just wish Nextcloud Notes worked for Android! (It won't accept my login details, claims they're invalid). Also looking forward to the day cards, lists etc are editable in Nextcloud Deck app.

@switchingsocial If I have PHP access, can I run my own private NextCloud sync on my server? That would be nice as I might be able to get rid of Google Keep. I don't have a VPS, but it doesn't seem to require that.


I'm not an expert on hosting things, but I think it's possible to install Nextcloud on shared hosting.

And you can install @Carnet on Nextcloud (and your phone) to replace Google Keep.

@switchingsocial That would be great. Yeah, I am still learning the ropes on what I can and can't do with my new hosting.

I am planning mainly on running WordPress and likely Zencloud for photos, but NextCloud would be a nice bonus if I can get it running on there. I'd love to replace Keep, as my wife and I use it for shared grocery lists &c.


Also, you can use Nextcloud without hosting it, there are third party providers who let people sign up for individual accounts:

And managed hosting providers make hosting a bit easier:

@switchingsocial Oh, for sure, but I'd prefer to self-host it since I have the resources for it. I think it'd be a fun DIY thing anyway. I'd just like to get the most out of my webhosting.

Thank you as always for the links -- I really appreciate the insane amount of resources you share on the daily!

@switchingsocial @nextcloud A really awesome Nextcloud app is PhoneTrack ( ) which provides GPS tracking for hikes / photo sessions, etc. which can even be shared live with the people you want to see it.

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