Just to follow up on the recent post about ethical phone makers @Fairphone , a number of people asked if there was a more ethical OS on it too.

Fairphone comes with stock Google Android by default, but
Fairphone also make their own de-googlised version of Android called Fairphone Open:

It doesn't come with the Fairphone by default, but because it's provided by Fairphone themselves it's relatively easy to install:

@switchingsocial Was just on their site to price it, and sad to not see any for sale. Bookmarked for future reference.


The "word on the street" is that the new model will be unveiled on 27th August, so that's next Tuesday.


About pricing, bear in mind Fairphones cost a bit more than rivals' devices because Fairphone are trying to pay people a fair wage all down the supply chain, from factories to raw materials.

As far as I know, no other phone manufacturer does this.

@switchingsocial @GoatsLive Hopefully FP3 will have full support for the US cell network. 🤞

@Fairphone You don't need googleplay services, for example, to search apps, we have #fdroid already. Even if you want google's apps in lineage (android) you can install them through apps that let you bypass register to googleapps...

@galipesc @Fairphone

Fairphone's website encourages people to install F-droid on Fairphone Open, because Fairphone Open doesn't come with Google Play or any other Google stuff.

Looks good, still want to mention, that you will encounter problems when using non-FOSS apps. Also, this might get more complicated with future android versions. For example systemizing Apps is more complicated with Android 8.0 plus. Therefore some Apps mentioned in the Fairphone forum can not be systemized like explained there, and therefore cannot be used. For example the UnifiedNLP backend.

@switchingsocial @Fairphone
Also, most banking Apps don't like things like that, and even other Apps like Netflix might lock you out.

@The_Observer6955 @Fairphone

Yup, good points.

I'm guessing this is why it doesn't come on the phone by default.

It would be a massive support headache for a small indie manufacturer if people buy a phone that can't do many common apps (which is unfortunately often the case with degooglised Android).

Making a degooglised version optional but easy to install seems like the least worst compromise.

Correct. I am very interested to see how new releases of this OS try to compensate that. I would guess that they might ship new versions with microG preinstalled, at least as an option. Would make it a lot more usable for the normal user.

The fairphone is also supported by ubports. The project that took over for ubuntu touch.

@switchingsocial @Fairphone

We use Fairphone with their Os highlighted as non google (being android, that's like to say no wet rain), and for example when checking apps that comes with it, such as Contacts, you can find Google as the author, so it is not clear ...

@antipodescafe @Fairphone

Are you sure which OS you have?

Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open are two different OSes. (The names are slightly confusing! :blobsmile: )

Fairphone OS is basically Google Android and comes with the phone by default.

Fairphone Open is degooglised and has to be installed.

@switchingsocial @Fairphone
Open one . which comes with Firefox Klar (with google as a search engine by default )

@antipodescafe @Fairphone

Ok, that's interesting. We'll have to see how things are on Fairphone 3.

@antipodescafe @switchingsocial @Fairphone I think it is degooglized in the sense that it doesn't use google's services by default, not that it doesn't use google's code.

@older @Fairphone @switchingsocial
So that's why the Contacts app by default has both terms of services and privacy terms by Google?

@switchingsocial @Fairphone - Ubuntu Touch (FOSS mobile operating system) also lists the Fairphone as one of their promoted devices that they support.

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