A number of people have asked how to make Wordpress blogs federate with the Fediverse (including Mastodon and Pixelfed).

You can do this by adding the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin from here:

When the plugin is installed, it allows anyone on the Fediverse to follow your Wordpress blog.

It's still in beta, the plugin's developer is @pfefferle

@switchingsocial @pfefferle This seems to be installed, but I am following my blog via rss, not sure how to provide a link to allow people to subscribe directly. I'll have another look but thanks for this, very useful.

@zleap @pfefferle

I don't use this myself so I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can just search for the blog's address in Mastodon to get a follow link?

@switchingsocial @pfefferle So it may be a case of just telling people via my site they can follow via activity pub.

@zleap @pfefferle

I think that's how it works, yes. But please do try it with your own blog first, I'm not sure :blobsmile:

@zleap @switchingsocial you can find your identifier in the profile settings... should be <login>@<host>.<tld>

@switchingsocial @pfefferle I've never successfully get it work :(

can anybody try, here is my blog:
username should be "phie"

@PhieLaidMignon @switchingsocial your blog seems a bit slow... the webfinger request always runs in a timeout... it also seems that you use `index.php/...` and that also might cause issues, because the webfinger route has to look like `

@PhieLaidMignon @switchingsocial the index.php is the issue... you have to get rid of it or tweak your .htaccess rules :(

@pfefferle @switchingsocial @kezzbracey Found the problem ! From my apache config, I had to add

<Directory "/var/www/html/wordpress">
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride all
Require all granted

@pfefferle @switchingsocial so far comments doesn't seem to federate, answering to a toot representing the article
Should I post an issue on github ?

@PhieLaidMignon @pfefferle @switchingsocial I just tried to friend you from a Friendica instance. It seemed like it would work, but then I got a "Contact not Found" error.
@pfefferle @PhieLaidMignon @switchingsocial @pfefferle
Hi, I was responding to someone trying to get the plugin working at

The federation account address was listed on the site, but I couldn't make a connection through Friendica.

@orn @pfefferle @PhieLaidMignon

I think Phie said the address of the blog changed today, so the .ovh one won't work anyway.

@switchingsocial @pfefferle Well my blog sends posts to here, how do I figure out if the posts are via activity pub or rss ?
@pfefferle @switchingsocial As a test I have switched from content to Excerpt if that just posts a short version of my post then I know it is probably working via activity pub.

@zleap @switchingsocial what do you use to federate your posts? mastodon does not support pure RSS.


I think @zleap is on Friendica which also allows people to follow RSS feeds.

@switchingsocial @pfefferle yeah, you're right, well people can follow my blog anyway not sure how many do. I have set up a few open movie posts, then a series on various features of Disroot.

It would be nice if the UK digital skills framework actually included examples in the teaching materials on using free software and decentralised, privacy aware networks,rather than it being a how to use social media (aka facebook) and not giving people choices.
@pfefferle @zleap @switchingsocial @pfefferle
Hello! If I may ask a question: does the plugin work on subdomains or non-root sites? For example, or Thank you!

@orn @zleap @switchingsocial it works on a subdomain, but not in a subfolder (at least not without some extra tweaking)

@pfefferle @zleap @switchingsocial if you want to stick to pure RSS you can use my RSS to Activitypub bridge,

It will host any RSS feed as an activitypub actor that can be subscribed to.

@switchingsocial @pfefferle One thing to be aware of - in the WP settings, you can define your blog's address - if you put domain.tld , this plugin will work exactly as you would expect.
If, like me, you put it as www.domain.tld , then you have to use that - so, for instance, mine is @mancavgeek .
It took me 2 days to figure that out... *rolleyes*

@switchingsocial @pfefferle
Also, I'm not sure replies to comments on the WP site federate...

@mancavgeek @switchingsocial you mean if you comment a comment on WordPress? If yes, you are right, that does not work yet. But it is definitely planned!

@pfefferle @switchingsocial Yes, I had that happen this morning - someone commented via Mastodon, I replied via the site, and the reply didn't federate - not a problem, I just copy-pasted it into this account, but it ould be nice to eventually be able to do it.
No rush, though! :D

@mancavgeek @switchingsocial @mancavgeek Let me know if you have suggestions for a better usability or a better help page!?!

@switchingsocial @pfefferle So thanks a _ton_ for this plugin, but can I ask a question? I installed the plugin, checked its settings, but I don’t see a way to tie our WordPress account to publish to a Mastodon account (or any other service). Is that now how this works? Or am I missing something?

@chartier @switchingsocial it does not publish to a mastodon account. It turns your blog users into fediverse accounts and you can follow your blog users directly! Have a look at your profile settings, there is a section „Fediverse“ that shows your handle. Try to follow that handle on Mastodon.

@pfefferle @chartier

Just to make clear, your blog's address isn't in the plugin's own settings.

It's in Wordpress's ""Users: Your Profile: Fediverse" section (see screenshot).

@switchingsocial @pfefferle Ok thank you. I’ll take another look soon. I really like the fediverse and its goals so far. But I have to admit, this one confuses me pretty hard.

@chartier @pfefferle @switchingsocial It confused me too. but you can't fault the support on this thread over the past few hours. First class :)

@chartier @switchingsocial I agree, it is not that easy atm. I hope the usability will improve over time.

@pfefferle @chartier @switchingsocial The hard part may be convincing more people it is worth installing Activity pub, and share their fediverse ID.

@chartier @pfefferle

I think this is one of those things that is harder to explain than to actually see working 😕

If you can get it operating, I think it becomes a lot clearer 👍

@chartier @switchingsocial @pfefferle You are not alone in the confusion. My confusion was thinking it was a publishing tool that would allow one to publish to mastodon from WP. Oops.

@rickscully @chartier @pfefferle

As I said above, I think the easiest way to understand this is to try it out?

If you install the plugin and follow the blog's address in Mastodon, and its posts appear in your timeline, its functioning becomes clearer?

@switchingsocial @chartier @pfefferle I did try it out, but it had such lousy documentation at v0.1 (or whatever it was) that I stopped and decided to wait until it had documentation at my level.

@rickscully @switchingsocial @chartier the problem is, that I am not a native English speaker... I started a help section, but need some input for a good documentation...

@rickscully @chartier @pfefferle

What kind of questions did you need answered?

What area did you need more information about?

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