If you're looking for people to follow on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, or you want others to follow you, try Trunk:

It's a community-run opt-in member directory organised by topic. All the people listed are looking for follows.

To follow someone, just click on a topic and click "follow" next to a person's name.

(If you want to be added to lists, instructions are on the site.)

@switchingsocial Can there be a link to here on too perhaps, just an idea but it may help people make the move if they know people are on there with a similar interest.

@switchingsocial Is there a trunk instance for french writers ?


I don't know, but I know the system is free and open and I think the organisers said they are keen for other language instances?

Coudld try messaging them about it?

@switchingsocial This is awesome! Is there somewhere to recommend adding new lists in addition to the existing ones?

(Not for myself, just curious)

@lightdark @switchingsocial I have just joined a few lists that are within some of my interest areas.


Yes, just message the same admins who add/remove people. You can @ them on here 👍

@switchingsocial Thanks for this! I just added myself to a bunch of lists, so hopefully it's useful. What a great idea for a site.


Props to @kensanata , the creator of Trunk, and all the Trunk admins too 👍

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