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🐧 @Linux4Everyone Linux For Everyone: Less techy podcast about Linux for a wider audience

🚚 @unklebonehead Unkle Bonehead: Trucker who does a podcast about self-hosting and the Fediverse

πŸ“† @mobilizon Mobilizon: Upcoming federated open alternative to Facebook Events/Groups

🐧 @gentoo Gentoo: Official account for the Linux distro

πŸšͺ @rodserlingzone Twilight Zone Intros: Episodes you might have missed

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@switchingsocial @gentoo @Linux4Everyone @mobilizon @rodserlingzone @unklebonehead Interesting entry about the trucker. Driving long distance is no joke. I would have expected him to spend his time recuperating and maybe getting some shut-eye rather than getting techy

@switchingsocial So youre the reason my phones been going nuts today, lol. Thank you!

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