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Personally I would give write.as the benefit of the doubt here, as they've very often posted in the past about the difficulties of tackling spammers on their site.

CryptPad v2.24.0 introduces the ability to share encrypted docs directly with friends from within the share menu. You can also add colors to folders in your CryptDrive. Try it now on https:/cryptpad.fr and see the release notes for full details: github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad


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Maybe we need an extra section on Settings that lets people opt out of embedding too?

Like YouTube has?

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If the user doesn't want their posts to be visible to the public, surely they shouldn't post them as public posts?

I understand the point you're making, that people may not want posts visible outside Mastodon, but I don't see how that's connected to embedding.

A public post is visible to the entire internet whether it's embedded or not. If you don't want that, you should not post using the public setting.

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I know embedding makes it look like a post been copied or moved, but it hasn't really.

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But if the post is already set by the user to public, it *is* visible outside Mastodon.

Outsiders (including search engines) can follow links to public posts, even if they're not embedded.

Embedding something doesn't change that situation, as far as I know.

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Does embedding affect search indexing though?

On a tech level, I think an embedded post is just the same as the public post but presented in a little window?

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Is this different in terms of privacy to posting a link to a public toot?

(Again, I am genuinely asking because I don't know how others feel about this.)

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(On a technical level, it opens a little window onto your Mastodon post, it doesn't transfer any data anywhere else.)

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Is embedding reproduction though?

There is no copy taken, it's a window on the original post.


Thanks for taking the time, but I'm not completely sure what you mean?

If a toot is public, it is visible to everyone anyway?

(This is a genuine question! I'm not trying to argue, just want to find out more about this issue :blobsmile: )

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Very very weird that it would just go away by itself.

I assume it is to do with someone embedding their own toot.

(Maybe it's an old bug, my instance isn't running the latest Mastodon version.)

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Very strange. But I assume clicking on it doesn't allow you into my profile?

By the way, I've added another person's toot embedded below mine. Does that have an edit profile button on it?


Hmm... that's interesting.

I see it, but I assumed it was because it's my account and I'm logged in.

Maybe this is a bug of some sort?

I'm guessing that clicking on it doesn't work?

Did you know you can embed toots from Mastodon on other websites and blogs?

Just click the "..." at the bottom of a toot and select "embed" to get the HTML code.

Here's an example of it in action:


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Maybe tax-funded public broadcasters could reinvent themselves as the makers of online infrastructure?

@cubicgarden works at BBC R&D and recently posted about a project to do with personal data storage, what if things like this were taken further, given more priority?

What if the same ethos behind public broadcasting was put to use building public internet resources? (If offline broadcast is on the way out anyway, it could be a lifeline for the public broadcasters too.)

@switchingsocial is there some good "open" alternatives to google keep (and other similar tools)? Possibly something that (in order of preference):
Allow to save the texts in some common file format;
Directly encript the saved files;
it's open source. Thanks! (disclaimer, due to lack of time I didn't searched on any search engine before asking here 🙂 )


Hi, I think I saw a message from you earlier!

A pot as in collecting money? Like a "tip jar"?

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