I like the four main features for Aether. Has anybody here tried it?
"Free, privacy-sensitive public communities … It keeps 6 months of posts by default. … It's peer-to-peer, and it has no servers. … private by default, so that you can choose to be fully private, or fully public yourself. … Actions of moderators are visible to users. Everyone watches the watchmen. … Communities can elect and impeach their own mods by voting."


I'd never heard of Ether, thanks for the link!

Sounds like a cross between Scuttlebutt and Reddit?

messenger users,

Would it be fair to call Riot a federated alternative to Slack?


No, not sketchy!

I just thought it might be a bit difficult to use for non-technical people.

#Prismo has gotten a couple new contributors in the past couple weeks. Great to see more activity in the project.

If you're interested in a link sharing site (think reddit, HN, lobsters) on the #fediverse, head over to the repo and join in.


and are when you run your own server for yourself or your community. This means you can have full control over whatever services run from that server, for example email or social networking.

It has traditionally been quite difficult to run a server, but there are a number of projects on the Fediverse that are trying to make it easier:

❓ YunoHost:

πŸ“¦ FreedomBox: @freedomboxfndn

πŸ– FreedomBone:

🍭 Lollipop Cloud:


Don't worry about the deadlines, however long it takes is the right amount of time. πŸ‘

Your work is greatly appreciated :blobcheer: πŸ‘

@Digitalcourage Fighting for privacy and human rights since 30 ters now(Germany)

@LaQuadrature privacy organization in France


Bonjour, je m'appelle πŸŽ‰

πŸ›‘οΈ @privacyint Privacy International: Long-established pressure group fighting for privacy as a human right

βœ‰οΈ @protonmail ProtonMail: Official account for the privacy-centric email provider

🌐 @protonvpn ProtonVPN: VPN service from makers of ProtonMail

πŸ–₯️ @gentoo Gentoo: Official account for the Gentoo Linux distro

πŸ“š @libreture Libreture: eBook storage service and DRM-free bookshop guide


Brave Ads support Brave's investors, including Peter Thiel, head of Palantir.


I asked Staltz about this too, here's the reply:

"That page answers that SSB does *not* use a blockchain, it uses a sigchain, which has almost nothing in common with blockchain except the naming"

"I can assure you with 100% certainty that SSB does not use blockchain neither proof of work neither miners"

"SSB is also by design environmentally aware and a lot of people in our community are solarpunks and eco activists."

is an open source search engine which combines results from 70 other search engines while stripping away their trackers.

You can try it out on any public Searx instance, for example:


If you run a server, you can also install your own Searx instance:


It also works through @torproject if you want an extra layer of privacy.


I hope you're right, but I fear that some courts interpret donations as being "for profit".

Also, Article 11 (the "link tax" which seems to ban quoting more than two words from news items) has no exceptions for anyone :(

Breaking: The text of #Article13 and the #EU #Copyright Directive has just been finalised


Please reshare widely and **take action**. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms.

This has the possibility of killing #alternative #socialmedia projects and small #startups trying to compete with the big #corporations.


They are, but it's possible that each individual server within the EU or serving EU users might be subject to the law.

At the moment, Art13 seems to say any "profit-making" site over three years old would be filtered. How courts interpret "profit-making" is unclear, it might include sites that have e.g. patreon donations.

(Again, I don't want to alarm people because there's so much that is unclear here, which is part of the problem with Art13.)


I just asked Andre Staltz about this, here's his response:

"Hi! Scuttlebutt doesn't use the blockchain at all"


@noorul @fdroidorg @Joe

I don't know enough to comment on this πŸ˜•

If any experts can help it would be great!

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