Ok, it's time shape Funkwhale's future, in terms of moderation and anti-abuse tools!

We can and will reuse tools from existing projects, but there are also things we'll have to work out ourselves.

If you want to be a part of that, the whole discussion will take place here: code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal
(you can answer this post as well but please read the issue before!)

Take the time you need to read / contribute. the issue will remain for at least a few weeks before any implementation happens.

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In most democracies it's long been illegal for authorities to enter your house without a warrant.

It should be illegal to view your server/data without a warrant, for exactly the same reasons.

If our lives are going online, the legal principles that protect us offline need to go online too. The current situation is at least as much a regulatory problem as a technical one.

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For fans of the open source 3d graphics suite Blender, their official Mastodon account has just come to life. You can follow them here:


You can also follow their official instance here:


You've got some spare time today? Why wouldn't you help getting #Funkwhale completed translated in the following languages? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Here: translate.funkwhale.audio/proj

I've opened a little test instance with a small group of users. After some time where the major bugs are fixed I'll open registrations. Stay tuned :blobpeek:

If you're interested in self-hosting online services for yourself, your family or your community, there are a number of projects on the Fediverse trying to make it easier:




You don't need an expensive server, cheap machines such as old desktops/laptops and single-board computers (such as the ) will work too.



There's always a lot that can be made more open and privacy-friendly.

It's not *quite* the same, but nearest current page to what you want is maybe the Bubbling Under list?


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Yeah... I'm trying to stick to consumer stuff, it would be great if there was something similar for site owners.


That's not what I'm saying.

You said you had "zero confidence" that a site's data would only be visible to that site.

If what you say is true, then even a site with no analytics whatsoever would still be leaking data to unknown third parties at the data centre, who could be running all kinds of unethical analytics apps.


I know that's easier said than done, which is why I run a site trying to suggest options for non-technical people:



If you have zero confidence that the data is only visible on the site visited, then your only option is to prevent the user's data ever being sent to that site.

If no site owner is trustworthy, then people have to stop using software and hardware that leaks unnecessary data.


Analytics is what happens to data after it has already reached a site.

If you think all analytics is just as bad, then you have to forget analytics reform and focus on preventing the data even reaching the site.

By definition, that's not something a website owner can do. Preventing data disclosure is down to the user and their choice of software, connection, device etc.


Fair enough, but a couple more points to consider:

-It respects Do Not Track, so it won't gather info about people with that switched on

-The data gathered is only visible to the site it's on, there's no multisite mass aggregation like you get on Google Analytics

As someone noted on this thread, the idea seems to be to roll back analytics to the early days, before it all flowed through large corporations like Google.

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