Facebook's business model is incompatible with ethical behaviour.

They need to be heavily regulated or shut down.

is a free open alternative to Google Forms.

They've just joined the Fediverse, you can follow them here:


You can find out more about LimeSurvey on their official website:


It's free of charge for people who want to self-host it, and there's also a paid service for people who want managed hosting instead.


Brave seems to be all about promoting BAT cryptocurrency, so that people who already hold BAT become even richer.

It is not about protecting privacy but making money.

When I started pixelfed, stuff like blocks or mutes wasn't even on my radar.

I have never experienced abuse or harassment online. I've never blocked an account on twitter. It was naive to think those should not be a priority based on my own experiences.

I've learned so much this past year, and strive to build a safer alternative to IG for everyone.

It might take a bit longer, but it sure is worth it!


The "payment" you get for surfing is their BAT cryptocurrency.

Brave seems to be designed to promote cryptocurrency, and they hope that people who buy BAT will then hype Brave even more just to increase BAT's value.

The incentives of Brave's creators and fans seem more to do with making money (literally!) than protecting privacy.

Guess who just joined Mastodon 😎 .

We will be posting here news, blog posts, and tricks you can use to create the perfect survey.

Thank you @fosstodon for hosting us! We're looking forward to join the growing Mastodon community!

Grüße aus Hamburg 😍

#foss #survey #research

Hey, y'all, #WeDistribute is looking for writers and knowledge experts to contribute articles for continued coverage of the fediverse and decentralized communication systems in general.

I've been doing it all on my own for quite a while, it's hard to do everything yourself, and there are probably domain experts out there that know way more than I do about specific platforms!


@finfinity @starbreaker

Don't worry, there's plenty of room for new people :blobsmile:

The more the merrier :blobcheer:

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to shrug off privacy breaches as only affecting people who "deserve it".

Privacy breaches affect all of us, because the data gathered from a single phone or account provides information about a vast number of bystanders.

We need to protect everyone's privacy if we want to protect our own. The model of individual responsibility just doesn't make sense in this context.

@gemlog @finfinity

Hey Finn, welcome 👋

Totally agree with your aims.

I've got a website where I try to list privacy-friendly alternatives that non-technical people can use:


(It's aimed at ordinary people, so some of the more complex alternatives aren't listed.)

Yeah, sorry, you're right. I misread and thought @patricksudlow was using ABP and Privacy Badger together.

@lukas is correct, you should not use APB and uBlock Origin together because they will interfere with each other.


Apparently uBlock hasn't been maintained as consistently as uBlock Origin (presumably because uBlock Origin is the original project led by the original developer).

How Privacy Badger works Show more


I don't personally recommend Adblock Plus due to their ad whitelisting, but the idea is similar.


They prevent different kinds of privacy threats, and work in different ways, so it's good to have both.

Roughly, uBlock Origin blocks ads (and other stuff), Privacy Badger blocks trackers.

uBlock Origin works by looking at lists of threats, Privacy Badger learns threats through experience.

Public Service Announcement:

"uBlock Origin" and "uBlock" are two different privacy plugins for web browsers.

✅ uBlock Origin is the one switching.social recommends

❌ uBlock is NOT recommended

For more information on why they have such similar names but are so different:


p.s. Switching.social recommends installing both uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger (eff.org/privacybadger) alongside each other.

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