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Get this in your head, free software isn't free if people can't use it. Lower the bars to adoption, help your community to install, or acquire services, don't just shame them for being unable to use Free Software. Bare lists of software that exists aren't nearly enough.

We already know there are shackles, we already know that keys to those shackles are somewhere else.

Instead, help people to navigate the complexity and difficulty of freeing themselves.


As much as I'd like to blame capitalism, I'm not sure that's the whole thing here.

Microsoft is an abusive company, but they go in cycles so that every 5 years of so there is a fresh set of users who think they have "changed", only to get bitten once MS has them in a corner.

I've lived through at least 4 generations of this. Almost nobody learns.


If you're looking forward to using on your phone, you might want to follow the @morii, which is developing a mobile app and looking for feedback.

Avoiding LinkedIn in order to escape Microsoft's influence already limits individuals' career opportunities. Now Github too? It feels like major companies *want* to make life harder for people who care about software freedom and minimizing surveillance.

Facebook is a uniquely horrible creature.

Birthed as Ivy League frat house wet dream.

Coddled on narcissist need to always exist (be seen/be heard).

Juiced on the frictions of rubbing together ever available ideology divides until they bleed.

All the while gorging on copious amounts of free content and data until it enveloped the world.

There is no better version of this.

Only better places to spend our time and energy.

Where hopefully we can become better people.


In light of being taken over by , the ethical alternative has set up a Twitter account specially for people moving from GitHub to GitLab:

They have also published a GitHub to GitLab video guide:

Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub

#Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub, and could announce the deal as early as Monday. Bloomberg reports that the software giant has agreed to acquire GitHub, and that the company chose Microsoft partly because of CEO Satya Nadella. Business Insider first reported that Microsoft had been in talks with GitHub recently.

What you buy a product for and what the product actually does are diverging at an alarming rate 😟

Why is an electric toothbrush demanding access to your phone's microphone and location? Why does a television send data about you to 700 addresses in the first 15 minutes?

These aren't cheap shady no-brand devices, these are expensive products from big consumer companies.

@switchingsocial Thanks to your article, I am now migrating from Google to paid IndieHosters account 🙂

Do you want to install #PixelFed and test it out? I have published alpha install instructions. Keep in mind its not production ready.

If you're looking for -friendly online services but prefer an all-in-one site rather than many different sites, take a look at these options:

If you know any other one-stop-shops, reply with your suggestions.

Geez , what are you doing? Just found this article:

"Apple Collected 4 Years of Browsing History in a Hidden Log That American Users Might Not Have Access To"

If this happens, then virtually all smartphones would be running OSes made by advertising companies, whose profits go up the more they spy on their users.


Very very bad feeling about this... are we edging closer to ?

" looks to expand business with new network for apps... Increasing ad sales could help offset slowing growth."

(UPDATED with non-paywall link)

Hello experts! What is the best and/or easiest way to mirror a account on Mastodon?

Don't forget, that if you're testing out #PixelFed today, you can help out via their GitHub if you find bugs, or obvious missing features that don't seem to be on the "to-do" list, etc.

Keep in mind, alpha stage, so there is a lot missing atm, so may not _everything_ needs an issue made.


, the ethical alternative to , has started its beta testing and looks nice 😎

You can get the latest news on the beta and upcoming by following @pixelfed

Apparently the first PixelFed cat photo was posted by @mike at

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