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Slight correction here for Libro.FM, you get to choose the audiobook, not the bookshop.

Also, because the audiobooks are DRM-free, you can keep them forever even when your subscription ends.

Today, two totally separate alternatives with near-identical names:

is an open source alternative to, where you listen to creative commons music and "scrobble" your music habits:

Artists can add CC music to Libre.FM to reach a wider audience.

is a US/Canada audiobook subscription site which supports local bookstores:

Audiobooks are DRM-free and chosen by your nominated bookshop.

Happy New Year! 🍾 🎇 🎉

If you're aiming to switch to more privacy-friendly alternatives in 2019, here are some general hints and tips:

Let me know if you have any other suggestions 👍


I have been completely removed from Facebook for a full year. It has been the best year in recent memory. OBSERVATIONS:

1) I'm still "connected" to current events. I'm just not bombarded with a thousand "rage-bait" rants about it.

2) I'm still connected with everyone that matters. We've shared the responsibility of staying in touch. Sometimes it's on me to reach out, sometimes it's on them. The people who haven't kept up with me, were just a relationship of ceremony and convenience.

3) I'm substantially less depressed. Surprising no one, I guess. It didn't cure depression, but it alleviated that which it brought: A lot.

4) I'm still super social online. I have community here and a few other places. We do things together, and don't just try to whip ourselves into a fury.

5) I've gained a meaningful perspective: *MY* perspective. Getting away from the manipulative pieces of those social media sites has given me enough clarity to be, well... "me."


Hot Update! #p2play works again! You can download and test the new beta version on

is a libre alternative to Patreon. It lets you donate a regular amount of money to your favourite project every week, month or year.

The official website is at:

You can follow them on here at:


The site itself is paid for by donations made to it through Liberapay. is currently down, apologies :blobfrown:

The hosting company is aware of server problems, hopefully will be resolved soon 🤞

is a popular open source painting and drawing application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download Krita from the official site:

You can follow them on Mastodon here:


You can also follow their PeerTube account here:


"We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not."


Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International

It's almost 2019, which will bring the first new batch of US public domain works in over 20 years:

This "public domain day" used to happen every year until 1998, when 20 years was added to copyright terms for no real reason other than that large companies like Disney wanted it.

Copyright currently lasts 95 years in most countries, but until the late 1970s it was 56 years, or even shorter if copyright wasn't actively renewed.

#PublicDomainDay #Copyright

is a Canadian brand of eReaders.

They're nice devices, they work with all popular DRM-free file types (including ePub, PDF, MOBI etc), and the built-in Kobo store also sells some DRM-free titles alongside DRM ones.

The official site is here:

There's an unofficial Kobo DRM-free search tool here:

There's also unofficial libre firmware you can install:


12-year-old explaining social media to his younger brother: “Twitter is where famous people yell at each other and Facebook is just for old people”


Also re: #WriteFreely, I'm still looking for feedback on what everyone would like to see in v1.0.

Is it more moderation tools? Customization? Additional features? Let me know here or (preferably) on the forums:

is an open source video conference service which is extremely easy to use.

There's no registration, just make up the name of a room and share the link with whoever you want to talk to. (You can also password-protect the room if you want.)

The website is at:

There are also apps available for Android and iOS, links at the bottom of the website.

@switchingsocial do you know any free (as in freedom) alternative to Apple's Shazam?

@switchingsocial @rubah sounds like it's time for an open source, federated wishlist app!

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