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given the success I've had over the past year with pen-and-paper calendars and pen-and-paper todo lists and pen-and-paper notetaking (on usually physical books), I wonder what other productivity tasks I've been lying to myself about being automatically better if you do them on a computer 🙃

If you enjoy using, please consider buying the eBook 

is currently under construction, and will be a free open federated alternative to Reddit.

You can follow the project here:


There's a demo instance at:

If you're a developer, you can contribute to the code here:

If you want to support the project financially, you can donate here:

Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

is a free open federated blogging platform for the Fediverse.

You can find out more at:

You can sign up at:

...and many other instances listed at

It's powered by ActivityPub, so you can follow Plume blogs from Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma and other ActivityPub-powered social networks.

A new version of Mast is now available and it’s better than ever! Scheduling got way better and there’s much more. 🥳🎉

is a microblogging system and part of the Fediverse.

It's technically lighter than Mastodon, so it works on a wider range of hardware.

You can find out more at:

So playing around on @switchingsocial yesterday, I discovered I'm playing with it now. It has docs, storage, email, calendar, chat, etc...pretty interesting concept.

If anyone has suggestions for a bookshop that doesn't use paypal, will be glad to take a look. would have been particularly cool as they let buyers set their own price, but they required paypal as well :(

Apologies to people in the US who clicked on the Switching Social book and saw a rather walmart- centric login page.

I didn't know about this :blobfrown:

1) Kobo login in the rest of the world is totally different (see attachment). I'm outside the US, this is the login I saw.

2) Even in the US, one of the login options should be Rakuten Kobo which is the bookshop itself, you don't need to use Walmart or Google or Facebook

3) I wanted to use a more "indie" site but they all needed paypal :(

Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.


is a free open federated alternative to Instagram.

It's part of the Fediverse, so you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon, Pleroma etc.

You can sign up at many different instances, for example:

(You can find more instances at )

You can follow PixelFed's official account at:


If you enjoy using and would like to support the site, please consider buying "The Switching Social Handbook":

It's short, but it's designed mainly to complement the website rather than duplicate it. It discusses the challenges to privacy and looks at the alternatives on offer.

It's a DRM-free ePub file, which should work on most major eBook readers.

(Let me know about any problems or feedback!)

is an alternative interface for Mastodon.

You can try it out by signing in with your existing Mastodon account at:

You can also follow the developer at:


There's no end in sight to Facebook's atrocities.

Facebook paid kids to install its VPN which granted "near limitless access" to their phone activity.

is a free open alternative to YouTube:

It's federated through ActivityPub, so you can follow PeerTube channels on Fediverse sites like Mastodon etc.

It uses peer-to-peer technology so even viral videos won't bring an instance down. The more people watch, the more bandwidth they contribute.

There are several apps:

- ( ), also works with Mastodon

-, on and Play

-, under development at @p2play

Apologies everyone and thanks to everyone who pointed this out.

Mike MacGirvin has apparently deleted the account above and is now on a "zap" account which (as far as I can tell) is inaccessible from the Fediverse :blobfrown:

Also, currently all profits from Toot! are going towards vet’s bills for a guinea pig who is doing poorly but trying her best.

This isn’t a sales campaign or fundraiser, just a note that if you’ve bought Toot!, you’ve helped a cute little guinea pig.

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