Yesterday, on the 17th of May, I have received a parcel from Amazon, which I had ordered on April 22: 2.2 lbs of lysine, two cans of fish oil.

The package – $60, delivery – 30.

Delivery service – .!/v/tete-steem/w0vu5ek

I've been at the cemetery yesterday, very calm place.
My mother's emigrated friends asked her to visit graves of their deceased relatives.
I accompanied her on this journey.

I got an international passport of Uzbekistan that started being issued this year. Looks pretty much like the passport for internal use that I got in 2017, aside from being red and having these background pictures on its pages. It took me 30 USD, a couple of papers and 10 business days to get it.

I just have managed to launch web-version of Murmur in Firefox with Scatter's appimage on Chrome OS 73. Sometimes I surprise myself.😂

Movies that I watch

In the beginning of year 2018, being afraid that things like Filecoin may take over and people will stop seeding over Bittorrent for free, I decided to make a selection of motion pictures from the database of to learn more about human languages and cultures that I study.

It's a warm winter in the city of Tashkent, UZ , I go to driving school on Anna Akhmatova street and take pictures of not so animate objects on the way.

more pictures and videos at

In advance of the third sequel to the first movie fully made on a computer, I decided to set free toys of my childhood found in a dusty, long forgotten corner of my dwelling.

Seven more pictures of these little fellas with coordinates at

Wipe me down cause I'm filthy rich.
If gettin money is a crime then I'm guilty, bitch.
And that ain't fair, but I don't care -
I'm a motherf$$$in Cash Money Millionare !!!

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