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Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users: medium.com/liberapay-blog/libe

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Big thank you to the @Zeikos013@twitter.com for becoming a CryptPad backer at $10/month on opencollective.com/cryptpad we have just about 1% of the money we need for basic maintanence of the project in 2019, c'mon people, lets show #Google that #opensource #privacy friendly cloud is possible.

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Sadly quitter.no will shut down on 5th of September. So we have to move on.

You can find us here:

Diaspora: https://diasp.eu/u/fsfe
Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@fsfe

Please follow us there to get the latest updates and to interact with us.
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Der Chaos Computer Club Dresden sucht für die 15. #Datenspuren am 22. und 23. September Vorträge, Workshops, Informationsstände und Darstellungen von Machern, Kreativen und Engagierten rund um das Thema #machtnix datenspuren.de/2018/cfp.html

ist zwar wieder ein Buzzword mehr. Die Serie mit Gérard Depardieu gefällt mir aber, weil sie den schönen und kulturellen Teil des Essens darstellt, jenseits von Veganismus und Massentierhaltung.


ist eine art proxy für Youtube, mit dem dem nachfolgenden Addon, lassen sich die offtmals in Webseiten eingebetten YT-Videos via hooktube proxys ansehen.

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♻ @fsfe: Using !FreeSoftware to build a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable digital society - our interview with Francesca Bria, CTO of #Barcelona. https://fsfe.org/news/2018/news-20180705-01 #publiccode https://l.fsfe.org/BplXIQ
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Make some 📢📢📢 noise 🥁🥁🥁 against Google and its world!

WHEN?: Tomorrow, Friday 06 - 18-19:00

WHERE?: On the Landwehrkanal, Kreuzberg, around the Umspannwerk (Paul Linke / Ohloauer)

HOW?: Bring the noise!!!


#FuckOffGoogle #Berlin

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We fought very hard over the past two years to prevent . The next step is a vote in plenary about amendments to this copyright directive. But today our office is celebrating and so should everybody that helped make this happen!

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6 years ago, we won, as hundred thousands mobilized to kick #ACTA (the horrible Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) out of the EU Parliament.

Some of its worst shit is coming back through #Article13 of copywrong directive. Vote on the terrible Parliament mandate given by the JURI committee (home of the copyright talibans) is tomorrow.

Will mobilization prevent once again the worst from happening? Or has the #EU failed for good and is now completely sold to industry?