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Hi all, hope you are well β˜•

I had a real tough week, mainly because of the heatwave we experienced here in the north. I'm not good with high temperatures, so I could barely sleep and concentrate the whole week. Now things are a bit better, I could sleep and finally pick up on my reading list.

Now I'm enjoying my Sunday morning coffee, and going to pick up my next book (Lautturi by Jenna Kostet).

How are you this week?

Stardew Valley has an opt-in multiplayer beta. *continues to buy Stardew Valley for all friends and family*

More watercolour happened today as well, after a slow day of sitting out on the balcony and sucking in the rare spring sunlight.

Really happy to be back with an open mind and a decent tray of watercolours again. Had quite a few years in between now and the previous time I felt comfortable working with watercolours.

It's a great feeling when colours and lines work well on paper.

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

I'm making some progress on my second short story, set in the same world as my first draft. Got a vague idea what's going to happen there.

I also noticed that Godspeed You! Black Emperor is perfect background music for this. It fits this slightly sad and dystopian scifi a bit too well.

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Looks like Motherboard did a write-up of the #tMobileAt fiasco from last night: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Best part:
"A T-Mobile Austria representative said that "there is a misunderstanding in this thread about how we store and what is being displayed for customer service agents. I will check with our security officer and get back to you." But didn't immediately follow-up."

Looks like full damage control mode to me.


Good morning! Hope you are well. I have some fresh coffee. β˜•

I bought a new 24 colour aquarelle pan set yesterday. Trying to get back into the beautiful world of watercolour. It's been too long. πŸ–Œ

For the world, this week I witnessed first-hand how a phishing attacker registered a domain and utilised it for their first campaign bare minutes later. They move quick, luckily it was also spotted quick. It's a fast moving world.

I haven't figured out a new yet. I'm trying, just currently blocked by about thirty different things that I want to say. Maybe I'll just do thirty new intro messages?

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The "I'm pregnant" joke is not funny, a take Show more

Hi there. I don't do April's fools. Just so you know.

Been busy building a new Pinterest board for story ideas. Something is slowly forming there.

I also finished the first draft of a scifi short story, and sent it to a friend. Scares the hell out of me. My first short story written in Finnish, too. Lots of firsts in the past few weeks.

I seem to have a very well scheduled weekly posting interval, it seems. Hope you are all well. β˜•

It's Easter Friday here in Finland, which we call "Long Friday". Long Friday is long, and luckily a public holiday.

The second week went by in my new job, and I think I see a couple of things forming:

🍎 Processes!
🍌 Things I still need to learn
🍍 Some not-so-nice-things I will need to discuss
🌡 Signs of bro-culture.. Which I have to catch & turn around.

I'll keep learning. That's the thing.

Hi everyone! Hope you are well.

A week went by in my new job, and I'm still alive. Some pros and cons from this week:

Pros ⭐
- Fun people
- Got to do stuff day 1
- People give my thoughts airtime and serious consideration
- Office dog is cute

Cons πŸŒ”
- Loud, small office
- Some unnecessary gender commentary on day 1
- A bottle opener the shape of a wooden phallus.. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

Good morning. How are you today?

My new job starts today, and to celebrate this occasion I slept poorly, had terrible dreams and am now enjoying my morning coffee. Let's hope the day goes well.


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OpenStreetMap: now more than 1 million map contributors!

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and me, free to use under an open license.

A milestone has been recently passed which deserves some celebration.

Over the lifetime of the project, 1,000,000 different users have created a user account and made edits to the map.

Why not sign up right today and map your neighbourhood?

--> blog.openstreetmap.org/2018/03
#OpenStreetMap #OpenSource #maps #mobile #desktop #FOSSGIS

Hi all! Hope you are well.

Yesterday was my last day at Red Hat. I have some time off now, and will then start something new in the infosec field. Stay tuned for more news there. It's been a while since my previous post, because things have been hectic. I'll be away on holiday for the next two weeks as well.

Take good care of yourselves. I'll be back soon.

Hi there! It's been a busy week. I hope you are doing well. β˜•οΈ πŸ™

I couldn't make it to this year, as we had other plans at home. Watching the flight chaos yesterday it's a miracle that we didn't decide to go, as many of the Brussels flights had been cancelled at Helsinki-Vantaa.

I'm also doing a career move, and I'm starting a new job in March outside of Red Hat in the infosec space. It's exciting times for us all.

Oh, what a week.

Almost finished with the third Binti book (The Night Masquerade) by Nnedi Okorafor. Had some great conversations the passing week that made me feel appreciated. Now going to have some coffee, and enjoy a quiet Saturday morning.

How are you doing today? β˜•οΈ

I gimped around on Gimp, and made a fuzzy new avatar. Hope you all like it.

I've also been told 'gimping' is not a term equivalent to 'photoshopping', but I'm using it anyway. So there. πŸ’™

Good morning! Hope you are well. β˜•οΈ

I've been busy reading a lot of Finnish literature lately, and it's amazing to notice how much faster I can read these days. In the past few years I've mainly been reading English SFF, and now coming back to the Finnish world I devour books in 1-2 days. It's just so much faster.