It's been a busy week, and next week will be just as busy, if not more. I'm pleased that I'm not completely worn out after all of it.

Yesterday I held a creative challenge for my colleagues, where they had to do creative tasks in small teams. It turned out to be super fun, and everyone got to bring up their creative side. Had a great time! 🎨

How are you doing this week?

Had a great weekend away from the keyboard. Went away, met friends, celebrated and had a great time just being present.

Was just catching up on my inklings as well, you can see them from the link in my profile.

How was your weekend?

Good morning - A cup of coffee starts this quiet Sunday. ☕

How are you doing today? Has it been a busy week for you?

Anyone else doing Inktober this year? I've been trying out some abstract art with a brush and liquid ink. It's quite a lot of fun.

Tried painting some post cards (220g paper) with watercolour yesterday, it worked out fine as long as I used a dry brush. I usually go for a pretty wet brush and wet canvas, so this time using a dry style was a nice change. 🖌️

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With latest twitter fail of DMs being accessible to "unauthorized" ppl, remember that you shouldn't be doing secure communications over unverifiable software. Use a real end to end encrypted and secure software/apps for that. Signal and Conversations+omemo. #infosec #xmpp

Coffee, a hot shower, and some watercolours. Maybe not in that order, but still the plan for this morning.

I spent most of yesterday in a fever under a blanket, with painkillers and lots of water. Sleeping most of yesterday seems to have helped with the worst.

How are you this morning? Enjoying your coffee or tea? ☕ 🍵

Now I'm down with the cold, again. Time to rest for a bit more, it seems.

I've had a really bad week, and we're only midway through. I feel like dropping out of IT completely on weeks like these. 🛌

Been down with the cold this week, and didn't sleep well last night because I felt so feverish, still.

Now enjoying a huge cup of tea and hoping the weekend will help me feel better. 🍵

How are you doing today?

Been recreating my website for a while now, found a style I'm going to go with. Now to add content and final touches.

I'll be using the website as a blog / writing / art platform, so need to figure out how all those things will work together.

But I'll find a way.

A weekend with a slow start. Playing some Path of Exile to keep going. Did some painting yesterday, but it didn't really turn out how I wanted it to.

Need to practice more.

How is your weekend? ☕

Went to the Helsinki comic festival today and bought a couple of albums. Wanted to buy some old and unique stuff, but it was a bit too expensive for me.

I'm glad I got to see some friends and enjoy a nice September afternoon ☀️ 📚

How has your day been?

Such a busy week behind.

I managed to submit my short story for the competition this week, so that's done! 🎉

Now just the agonising wait of a few months to find out the results. Send me some happy thoughts so I can manage the anxiety! 🙏

How are you doing?

This weekend: Editing, editing, editing.

So much work from such a little story, but it's all from my heart. ✍️

What are your weekend plans?

Finished the first draft of a story I want to submit for a scifi novel competition! Only two weeks to go, need to crunch and do big edits next week. ✍️

But it feels good to have something that I can now work on and polish, before sending it off.

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Mikä on kapinallisin polkupyörämuistosi? Kerro se häsällä #velopunk!

Kaikkien Twitterissä ja Mastodonissa 2.9.2018 mennessä osallistuneiden kesken arvotaan 2 kpl Taru Luojolan romaania Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä.

Good morning! Hope you are well.

I did some writing for a short story competition entry yesterday, but today I'm feeling stuck and will focus on other things to get unstuck.

Coffee comes first, I guess. ☕

How are you doing today?

Good morning! How are you today? ☕

Finally it was a bit cooler last night, and I was able to sleep without swimming in a pool of sweat. I even used a little blanket!

The temperature is manageable again.

This weekend I'm going to Assembly, the biggest of Finnish demo and LAN parties. Great to see some friends there after a long time.

It seems that it's August already. Time flies when you're trying to figure out how to survive this heat.

How is everyone doing?

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