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Mikä on kapinallisin polkupyörämuistosi? Kerro se häsällä #velopunk!

Kaikkien Twitterissä ja Mastodonissa 2.9.2018 mennessä osallistuneiden kesken arvotaan 2 kpl Taru Luojolan romaania Ei kaikki pinnat kireällä.

Good morning! Hope you are well.

I did some writing for a short story competition entry yesterday, but today I'm feeling stuck and will focus on other things to get unstuck.

Coffee comes first, I guess. ☕

How are you doing today?

Good morning! How are you today? ☕

Finally it was a bit cooler last night, and I was able to sleep without swimming in a pool of sweat. I even used a little blanket!

The temperature is manageable again.

This weekend I'm going to Assembly, the biggest of Finnish demo and LAN parties. Great to see some friends there after a long time.

It seems that it's August already. Time flies when you're trying to figure out how to survive this heat.

How is everyone doing?

Good morning! How are you today?

I got my coffee :coffee: and now checking out this free Steam game I got (Hacknet).

My holiday is over soon and it's time to go back to work on Monday. Not sure how I feel about it, but we'll see when the time comes.

The forecast promises temperatures around and above +30C, so I'm not too keen to head outside.

Hope you are all well. 💙

Finished the first draft of my third short story in a series. Just sent it out to some test readers.

Hope they like it. 🤞

My friend, who is a physiotherapist, treated my back and shoulders today and gave me great advice for coping with my hypermobility.

I've lived with hypermobility for so long, and this was the first time I got actual advice for dealing with it. I am so grateful so getting such great care, finally.

Good morning everyone, hope you are well. Got my coffee!

Today is the Helsinki Pride march and afterparty here in Finland. 🏳️‍🌈

I'm not able to make the march, as I don't do well in big crowds. Have to watch out for my back, too.

I can, however, follow the march live from TV, as our national broadcasting company will be streaming it live. 🎥

So happy Saturday, and and happy Pride. We are all important and valid just as we are. ☕ 💙

I was out yesterday, without too much pain in my back.

Got some writing done, went to the library, and read half of the new book I borrowed. Today some more writing is in the plans. ✍️

Calling my Dr again, as the pain is resurfacing. Hoping for a referral to a specialist to figure out if there is a structural problem in my back causing all of this.

Muscle relaxants and painkillers. I'm hoping this will take the worst pain away.

Woken up in the middle of the night with some sharp pains down my neck. Guess it's a trip to the Dr's today.

Good morning! ☕

How are you today?

I had a week full of ups and downs, but was able to pull myself together towards the end of the week. I guess.

Need to catch up on Path of Exile, as my friends are way ahead of me. Didn't have the it in me to play in the evenings for the whole week.

Writing needs to happen as well, but I have my holiday coming up in less than two weeks, which is when I've scheduled most of my writing work.

Good morning! How are you today?

The new Path of Exile game league came out on Friday, and I've been busy playing that. Otherwise I have struggled a bit with my self esteem, but took it out on drafting a story which I'm planning to submit to a writing competition later this year.

Now I have a huge mug of coffee, and going to start up Path of Exile one more time. ☕

What are you up to?

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Hi all, hope you are well ☕

I had a real tough week, mainly because of the heatwave we experienced here in the north. I'm not good with high temperatures, so I could barely sleep and concentrate the whole week. Now things are a bit better, I could sleep and finally pick up on my reading list.

Now I'm enjoying my Sunday morning coffee, and going to pick up my next book (Lautturi by Jenna Kostet).

How are you this week?

Stardew Valley has an opt-in multiplayer beta. *continues to buy Stardew Valley for all friends and family*

More watercolour happened today as well, after a slow day of sitting out on the balcony and sucking in the rare spring sunlight.

Really happy to be back with an open mind and a decent tray of watercolours again. Had quite a few years in between now and the previous time I felt comfortable working with watercolours.

It's a great feeling when colours and lines work well on paper.

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

I'm making some progress on my second short story, set in the same world as my first draft. Got a vague idea what's going to happen there.

I also noticed that Godspeed You! Black Emperor is perfect background music for this. It fits this slightly sad and dystopian scifi a bit too well.

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Looks like Motherboard did a write-up of the #tMobileAt fiasco from last night: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Best part:
"A T-Mobile Austria representative said that "there is a misunderstanding in this thread about how we store and what is being displayed for customer service agents. I will check with our security officer and get back to you." But didn't immediately follow-up."

Looks like full damage control mode to me.