Finland as an independent country turns 100 years today.

Happy birthday, Finland. 🇫🇮

It used to baffle me when I was viewed like an exotic animal outside of Finland. "Ooooh, Finland, things are so great there, you must be so happy, everything must be so amazing, we don't get a lot of Finnish people here!" Many things are well.

But it's still not a magic wonderland, there are many things that still aren't well. Support for mental health care, trans rights, NEETs, education - Many things have dipped with our current government. Racism. Neo-nazis. "Nationalism".

What I will be forever happy for is my free education, and the fact that my parents were free of the burden that many others face. I didn't need a college fund, I just had to be smart enough to pass entrance exams. And I studied, so hard.

We have public healthcare, with costs, but you will be given care when you need it. There are queues to operations, but you will get in.

We have parental leave that allows you to have kids without sacrificing your work. You get months off to be with your kid.


Many have asked me how I feel about paying so much tax. My current income tax is around 30% + other tax. VAT is generally 24%, 14% for food, 10% for books.

I get freedom and a safety net. Education. I don't work 80 hours a week, I work just under 40 hours. I'm not expected to stay behind at work to bleed my brains out. If I'm in the office at 5pm, I get asked 'why are you still here?'. Parents can leave early to pick up their children from daycare, as long as they get the job done.

@turumore I'm still waiting for a good argument against the Scandinavian welfare model.

@lilletale Indeed!

Ps. Finland is not part of the Scandinavian countries, but we're part of the Nordic countries!

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