Waiting for politicians ...
is like
Waiting for Godot


if -change could stopped just with discussing, earth should entirely frozen now ...

Yes it is.
What we can learn: Stop talking & start acting. Each of us.

@tuxom That sure looks like causality bias. Aren't yearly cycles simply related to seasons and economic cycles instead of yearly chatter about climate?

Yearly cycles not the focus and not important. The cycles are result of biogenic cycle and heating season during winter. Talks begun at CO2 levels smaller than 330 ppm in the 70s... and earlier. Now we reach more than 400 ppm. Look at the hole thing.

@tuxom How do you propose we stop it then? Not being hostile, this is a serious question. I actually care about this shit.

I don't believe we can. It's a question of majority of MANKIND. If majority change behaviour to reduce CO2 it could happen. But most change is necessary by (western) minority. So it's to myself to start the change - as good as possible for me and my family. Help from outside (politics) is welcome but didn't receive me ... If u follow to change we are 2, than 3 ... that's the only way to switch a minority. ...



And we reached 414.8 ppm as of this May, the month the annual measurements are taken.

#CO2 Increases have been larger in recent years, despite all of those conferences and political baby steps.

450 ppm is apparently equal to 2° C mean global temperature, ‘beyond which the effects of global heating are likely to be catastrophic and irreversible.’


Latent carbon release from warming oceans and melting permafrost likely ensures it already.

hmmm ... no long and the next cop is being celebrated...
i should actual the graph then ...

Really "nice" chart!
Have you created it by your own?
Lot of work I think.
Is the WMO 2018 the only source? Can you give a link?

@LupineNaturFeinkostMerzig @tuxom Sarcasm : Don‘t show this chart to Trump & Co otherwise their new idea will be something like, as more scientists talk as more CO2 ... like is not the fault of all humans.

Yes, my work. Not much work. Data already available and known...

Thanks for making it that clear. Have shown it to a customer immediately.
May it be used? It is signed by you for trademark.

No. It is copyleft. There is a circle. In that circle should be a 'c'. But it's empty.
You can use it as you want.

Oh, I did not know that sign. But anyway I find it totally allright to honour the maker.
Thanks a lot for the possibility of using!

In December there will be an update. Then there is the next COP ....

Hmmm. Think there will be no surprise.
I hope I can catch actual data.
There is always a time lag in publishing ...

Seht ihr, nach jeder Konferenz gehts wieder rasant in die Richtige Richtung. Zweimal jährlich eine Konferenz und wir sind das Problem los.

Oohps, sorry, der Effekt ist natürlich, da auf der Nordhalbkugel mehr lebende Biomasse ist, die im Sommer Sauerstoff produziert

You see, after every conference Co2 concentration drops fast. Twice a year such a conference and we are rid of the problem.

Oohps, sorry, this effect is naturally, on the north part of the earth is more living biomass which produces more oxygen in northern summer than the south part produces in the southern summer.

@tuxom None of them are serious. None of them care. They will either be dead or fly down to their estates on Aotearoa.

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