temperatures are the highest in 13,600 years

Warming of over 2 degrees Celsius is above the global average and well above the average of the rest of the region

@tuxom @OmnaBrain I honestly can't tell if this means I should or should not flee to Yukon to help minimize the impact of the #ClimateCrisis on me and my family. On the one hand: probably food insecurity when trucks from the south eventually stop. On the other hand: possible extended growing season for local farms (plus those long hours of summer sun are already good for crops in the relatively few places they can grow).

I think about this too often.

@ink_slinger @OmnaBrain @tuxom it's possible that fleeing to the Yukon will be the thing that makes it worse, for everyone.

There was a thing in vox recently about how people rushing to see places before climate change is itself destroying those places, and that's just tourism. Imagine if people perceive the Yukon as the one place to ride out climate change...

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