, Israel's NSO Group: Our malware? Slurp your cloud backups plus phone data? They've misunderstood t.co/62fCVAG8xu

, Bulgaria hack: 20-year-old infosec whizz cuffed after 'adult population's' finance deets nicked t.co/uzzWUDcMNT

, Those facial recognition trials in the UK? They should be banned, warns Parliamentary committee t.co/axUGlZ9usU

, Microsoft demos end-to-end voting verification system ElectionGuard, code will be on GitHub t.co/x8b5naDzbU

, , , , GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Improvements, Including Support For Floating Point Instructions - Phoronix t.co/ElfsrJdY9E

, , , , Feral's GameMode 1.4 Adds Flatpak Support, Better I/O Optimization Handling - Phoronix t.co/QFM5nIFqtK

, , , , KDE Plasma 5.17 Making It Simple To Display A Network's QR Code For Easy Sharing - Phoronix t.co/zCTYgUgPVt

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