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Le logo klingon en point de croix

Je trouve que ça rend bien 👌 #mastoart #startrek

Do not watch, if you hate people putting milk in tea. Otherwise: Enjoy the swirls!

Apparently fixed in 60.3.2, which does not seem to have landed in Fedora. Meanwhile, Fedora has a package 'thunderbird-enigmail'…

Sonnenuntergang / Sunsubiro / Sunset.

Emojos can be nice and fun, but they absolutely are the opposite of accessible.
I just received an SMS, with a symbol I can't discern, there is no context sensitive help what it is, and I can't enlarge it to have a better look at it — I find that mildly infuriating.

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Korvo korvante ĉirkaŭkorvumas la folikovratan teron…

Everything looks awesome in slow motion.

Brauchten gestern noch eine Tragetasche, da haben wir diese hier gefunden :D

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first project on magicavoxel! my room! learned a lot from this

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from my own self-published games magazine

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Also FYI: Set your clocks for tomorrow when InSight is set to land on Mars.

NASA livestreams the whole thing nasa.gov/nasalive

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