Signal's :signal: new "sealed sender" feature:

– the goal is to conceal the sender of messages from Signal servers
– this removes Signal's ability to verify authenticity of senders. Therefore, they're introducing a new client-side certificate system
– currently in beta testing


But when will be able to use it without a phone? That's the real question, I love signal, but I find the necessity of having a phone to even sign up somewhat ironic, considering how easily GSM and the like can be hacked and how phones, even with the best of intentions can easily follows us around.


It is possible (but not that easy) to use an Android-VM and a disposable phone number to sign up and use Signal. You can also pair Signal Desktop and delete the VM, however, doing so will remove several features and management options.


Thank you so much for your reply and help 😃, I will look into getting a VM, don't know about a disposable phone number in the country I live in though.

It's a shame really as signal is nice, but I guess I'll have to stick to Wire until I can do what you suggested as it doesn't require phone numbers, even though it's not great in terms of metadata collection.

I hope signal provide an email sign up method or just username without phone or email in the future.


You're welcome.

There are some websites that provide phone numbers. You can try to register these publicly-known phone numbers in your VM while accessing the website via Tor Browser. We tried this and successfully registered a Canadian and a Russian phone number.

However, don't forget to set a PIN in Signal to lock your account, so others won't be able to re-register the disposable number.

Feel free to read:

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