is the name for a group of federated sites that use the technical standard to talk to each other (including , , , , and many others).

means sites that use the Diaspora standard to talk to each other (most notably itself).

Some sites belong to both, and the definitions have shifted over time as new standards have been adopted. As the phrase goes, your mileage may vary.

@switchingsocial Also, there is #zot with a mini ecosystem that can talk to both sides (albeit with mixed results as I am finding out). The community there is very helpful. They are listed in as:

#osada and #hubzilla

@PresGas @switchingsocial you may want to consider hashtags that #newusers might find like #gplus #tumblr #gettingstarted etc .. you think?

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Wait. Did the fediverse grow out of the diaspora project?? Like the one from 2003???


The Fediverse and the Federation are two separate things, Diaspora is part of the Federation.

Diaspora is from 2010, 2 years newer than the Fediverse, and was originally intended to be OStatus-compatible, but it quickly diverged because OStatus lacked functionality, in particular non-public posts. It still is minimally compatible, and you can passively follow Diaspora (but not SocialHome) accounts from GNU Social.
@kamiten @switchingsocial Nope, the fediverse grew out of GNU Social, also known as StatusNet, also known at one point as Laconia. Friendica and Hubzilla also federated through an OStatus protocol extension.

One of the biggest distinguishing factors between the two supernetworks is that Diaspora is not part of the fediverse, because it uses its own protocol (Which I will refer to as DPro). Anything that speaks to Diaspora through DPro is conceptually known as The Federation. This includes Friendica, Hubzilla, Socialhome, and GangGo.

Many platforms can speak OStatus or ActivityPub, with many of them migrating to the latter. This means that many of these platforms actually exist in both categories.

Thank you for this clarification!

I had only remembered a decentralized blogging project which was not yet released, but being developed, also called Diaspora. That was in the early 2000s.

I also didn't know the federation and fediverse were two different things but now it makes sense. Thanks again


> Nope, the fediverse grew out of GNU Social, also known as StatusNet, also known at one point as Laconia.

"This is what the Fediverse is about. Also known as the Justfied Ancient of Mu Mu, furthermore known as the JAMS."
all aboard all aboard whoa WOO WOO
last train to decentral
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