What is a good browser to use on android?

Brave sounds good, but not.
Chrome... Is, well.. G.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial i believe that Brave should be a top recommendation. The in-built adblocker is smth you can convince people (average users) to abandon Chrome. Firefox is sometimes too slow :( and seems buggy if I use it as the default web browser.


@dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger

Absolutely not.

Brave is part-owned by Peter Thiel (the head of Palantir) and its business model is based around selling ads, not blocking them.

Quote from Brave's business-oriented website promoting its cryptocurrency:

"The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs."

@switchingsocial @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger You're taking a quote out of context. That means that you can opt to have Brave automatically "donate" cryptocurrencies to the websites you visit the most, via your browsing history. It's all calculated locally.

@switchingsocial @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger I'd say Brave is the best option for mobile. I'm anti-capitalist too, but it's free software, so it really doesn't matter whether you like the company behind it or not. And Brave is definitely the most polished experience in terms of UX design and being easy to use out-of-the-box (it comes with an ad blocker, HTTPS everywhere and fingerprinting protection).

@jwinnie @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger

I'd say using software from a company based around replacing other people's ads with their own is pretty dodgy.

Brave's ownership by Thiel makes it even more dodgy.

VC funds don't give money to projects for fun, they do it purely for profit. They expect a return on their money, and people like Thiel don't have any problem breaking promises about privacy.

@switchingsocial @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger But isn't the point of free software that, if Brave violates our privacy or whatever, the community can fork it and create its own version? The fact that there are no forks of Brave means that it's either not good enough to be forked OR it is an ethical product that doesn't need any improvements.

@jwinnie @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger

That's the theory, but as Chrome shows the theory doesn't always work.

And a business model that removes other people's ads and replaces them with their own ads is clearly unethical.

It's also very suspicious the way they're pouring money into giving Brave users free subscriptions to premium content. That content would not be available on any fork.

This just does not smell right, it is so far removed from an open project.

@jwinnie @dorinchiritoiu @robjloranger

...it's optional until it isn't.

Chrome used to let you block ads but now Google is taking that option away.

There just isn't the basis to trust Brave: they have the wrong owners, the wrong corporate structure and the wrong business model.

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