Do you like Mastodon, but wish there was a privacy option to only post on your home instance without federating?

There's a fork of Mastodon for that called Hometown:

You can still post normal posts that federate, but Hometown also lets you post non-federating posts if you prefer.

It also has other differences such as rendering full articles from Write Freely (and other federated blogging services).

It's by @darius

@switchingsocial @darius Is there an actual reason this is not supported by mastodon itself? It could be added as an admin-togglable option,

@Corfiot @darius

I agree.

Apparently some of the features first used in the Glitch fork were later added to main Mastodon.

Maybe "hometown posts" will appear in Masto itself at some point?

@darius @Corfiot

It's an interesting debate on there, thanks for the link.

(I'd tend towards allowing it as long as it's not default.)

Could do with a fork of Pleroma that allows it - then small communities could just use a Raspberry Pi each rather than having to buy server space...
@darius @Corfiot
@DHeadshot @switchingsocial @Corfiot @darius No need to use a fork of Pleroma, just turn on whitelisting and off unauthenticated API access.
But that means you *only* have a local-only timeline, not both like the friend-camp mod!
@Corfiot @darius @switchingsocial
@DHeadshot @Corfiot @darius @switchingsocial ah, I misunderstood what your use case was.

Pleroma will probably support that at some point, yeah.
@darius @switchingsocial

So it seems it's ideological on the side of gargron. Forcing federation on you because otherwise it would destroy the fediverse. Thanks for the link.

@Corfiot @switchingsocial The fear is definitely a splintering of the fediverse, and I can't really argue on it any more than I have, so, here I am with a fork.

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